The 3rd Quarter IFTA Deadline Is Today

Whoa, you’re officially out of time! The 3rd quarter IFTA deadline is here. That means you need to file your IFTA return by tonight at midnight in order to avoid getting hit with major penalties.

If you aren’t prepared to file, don’t worry. Take a deep breath and head to, where you can report all of your IFTA totals online and we will automatically calculate all of your IFTA totals with 100% accuracy. You’ll have your IFTA report generated in no time.

How To Generate Your IFTA Report With ExpressIFTA

First, you’ll need to create your free ExpressIFTA account with your email address, and business information. If you’re a tax preparer check the corresponding box. Then you will enter your base jurisdiction.

Next, you will enter your vehicle details, including the Vehicle Identification Number. Then you can enter your mileage and fuel records for the current IFTA quarter for your qualifying vehicle. You can enter your information with detailed trip sheets and even enter your distance by miles traveled or odometer readings.


You don’t have to enter your information per trip, you have a few faster options. For example, you can use the quick entry screen to upload your information per month. Also, you don’t even have to manually enter your records because you can upload it all at once with the bulk upload feature. Heck, you can even upload your mileage information directly for your GPS.

When all of your information has been entered we will perform an audit check to catch any basic errors and automatically calculate all of your IFTA totals. If you don’t want to deal with any complicated IFTA calculations, then simply let us tackle them for you.

All of your information will be generated into a quarterly IFTA report. You can access your report at any time, as it will be stored in your account. It can also be downloaded, printed, and emailed. However, best of all, you can use it to instantly complete your IFTA return.

IFTA Penalties

It’s best to go ahead and generate your IFTA report as soon as you can so you can file because you don’t want to mess with IFTA penalties. The penalty for missing the deadline is $50 or 10% of the taxes due, depending on which is greater. In Nevada, you’ll have to pay $50 and 10% of the taxes due.

If your IFTA payment is late you will face a monthly penalty of .4167% of the taxes due until you fully pay the amount you owe. Nevada also charges 4167% of the total amount due plus a series of administrative late fees including $100 the first time, $500 the second, $1000 the 3rd time and more.

Plus, your home jurisdiction reserves the right to suspend or revoke your IFTA license! Then you won’t be able to legally travel between multiple jurisdictions and that could really hurt business. However, don’t panic. This usually isn’t the case if it’s only your first time filing late.

Give Us A Call

If you need any assistance with your IFTA report, the dedicated, US-based ExpressIFTA support team is here to help. Give us a call Monday – Friday from 9 AM to 6 PM EST at 704.234.6005. We also offer live chat and 24/7 email support at

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