How To Use ExpressIFTA from ExpressTruckTax

ExpressIFTA is here to help take the hassle out of preparing your IFTA fuel tax return. We are an industry leader offering in offering truck tax solutions with the best value and prices in the trucking industry. With ExpresIFTA you can quickly and easily keep track of your mileage, fuel purchases and more at no charge – you pay only when we prepare your IFTA fuel tax return. You can choose to enter your information throughout the quarter by trip sheet or through our quick entry system.

After you have entered your mileage and your fuel purchased for the quarter, you can click on ‘Continue IFTA Return.’ You will be given a couple options, if they apply, click ‘yes’ and they do not, simply click ‘continue.’

You will see the current tax due, penalties and/or credits, then click ‘Save and Continue.’  ExpressIFTA walks you through the process step by step. To find out more about IFTA filing or get started today, contact our friendly Express Tax Support Center in Rock Hill, SC  at 704.234.6005 between the hours of 8am – 6pm EST, Monday through Friday or email us at

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