File Your IFTA Return Before The Deadline To Avoid Penalties

Happy Halloween Trucking Nation, it is officially the 3rd Quarter IFTA Deadline Day! Myself and the entire team might possibly be a little too excited, but Halloween is such a fun holiday. I love that truckers get really into this day, and have seen so many of y’alls post online showcasing your costumes. Dock workers must love seeing some of your guys, and gals, pull up dressed as zombie truckers and such. I’m getting way off topic, let’s start talking about the IFTA deadline.

The actual cut-off time for the deadline is midnight. So there is still a little bit of time for those of us who practice the fine art of procrastination. Last minute filing is not recommended, but it can be done if you believe in yourself. I believe in you.

Now since the 3rd Quarter IFTA deadline is already here, and will very soon pass, I though we could check out a few mistakes to avoid when filing your IFTA return.

Mistake #1 – Not keeping receipts for all fuel purchases
Dearest Trucking Nation, keep your fuel receipts. And store them in a place where they won’t be destroyed. You need these little strips of paper to file your IFTA, and to document your fuel purchases incase of an audit. How ever you store your receipts, on your computer or hard copy, just be sure not to misplace them.

Mistake #2 – Difficult to read and/or incomplete trip reports
When writing in your mileage, a good tip is to use a pen. Pencils smudge and fade and will make your life just a nightmare when it comes time to file your IFTA. In reference to incomplete trip reports – Don’t forget to record your mileage every time your enter/leave a state. Write a reminder and stick it to your dash, tell your wife to make sure you don’t forget, whatever you need to do to, remember to record your mileage.

Mistake #3 – Not reporting personal or unloaded miles
If you have a valid IFTA license, you must record ALL miles driven in each state. It doesn’t matter if you are under a load, empty, or bobtail. Always record your miles.

These are the 3 main mistakes we see quarter after quarter. IFTA returns are a lot like your truck; they can be easy going one minute, and a complete monster the next. If you have any questions about filing your IFTA or state jurisdictions, don’t hesitate to give the ExpressIFTA team a call. We’re here in beautiful Rock Hill, SC and are more than happy to assist you. You can reach us via phone: 704.234.6005 or 24/7 email:

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