ExpressIFTA Benefits for 3rd Quarter IFTA Filing

Are you going a little batty trying to file your 3rd Quarter IFTA Return by October 31st? The ghoulish task of IFTA filing is made simple and easy by Before we go into all the exciting benefits, a challenge has been proposed to see how many Halloween references can be made in one blog. Challenge accepted, so get ready for a Spook-tac-ular blog filled with thrills and chills. (That’s four already).

If you think I’m cooking up some Hocus Pocus by saying is simple and easy, I assure you my bewitching skills are not that advanced. Without further ado, double double toil and trouble, here are the benefits to make your cauldron bubble:

– There are no sign up costs or monthly fees
– Fuel tax calculations are accurately provided for you
All 48 states that participate in IFTA are supported.
– Simple entry for odometer readings makes the ability to maintain distance and            fuel records online as peaceful as Dracula sleeping in his coffin
– ExpressIFTA can be accessed directly from your ExpressTruckTax account
– Miles can be entered manually or by uploading an excel file
– Our system will run a diagnostic report to search for possible errors
– The amount of tax due is automatically calculated based on the data entered. You will never have to go all Pumpkinhead on over                      complicated tax calculations.

Before you get tangled in an IFTA spider web of fuel tax calculations, make like a ghost and disappear right on over the If you have any questions, give the ExpressIFTA team a call at 704.234.6005 or send them an email at Remember to watch for witches and carve your pumpkins with care.
Halloween reference count: 11

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