IFTA Deadline: The Fuel Tax Countdown

IFTA Deadline: The Fuel Tax Countdown
IFTA Deadline: The Fuel Tax Countdown

What’s that dreaded feeling you have? Is it the upcoming IFTA deadline? After all, it’s only a few weeks away, Trucking Nation. How can we make sure we’re prepared to report our fuel taxes?

Instead of kicking your responsibilities further down the road, you need to go ahead and file your IFTA fuel tax! Online filing makes things easier, but you still need to meet certain filing requirements.

You need to make sure you understand your mileage keeping requirements, as well as your fuel tax reporting requirements. That might seem like a lot to keep up with. So how can you?

The easiest way to get ready is by going through our fuel tax countdown!

3 Trip Details You Need

Before you start using our IFTA fuel tax reporting software, you will need to gather certain documents – like your trip report details. 

As you enter your IFTA reporting details, you will need to start with your basic trip details. This means your trip origin and destination, including the start and end date of your trip, any additional stops, and your route of travel. Don’t forget, you’ll also need your beginning and ending odometer readings!

After that, you need to enter your total trip miles into our system. This includes both loaded and deadhead miles, as well as any local miles when the units taken in for servicing.

You will also need to enter the miles you traveled in in each jurisdiction!

2 Numbers They Need

In order to generate your IFTA report, you will need your Unit or VIN number, and your fleet number.

This will help the base jurisdiction identify and authorize your fuel tax report.

1 Name for Your Report

Most importantly, you need to make sure your name (or the registrant’s name) is filed on your IFTA report, as well.

IFTA Due Date Details

In order for you to avoid IFTA penalties, you’re going to have to file by the deadline day – which is October 31st, 2016 this year.

While IFTA reports can be overwhelming, let us help you get through the tough parts, step-by-step. If you’re ready to generate your IFTA report, sign in at ExpressIFTA and let’s get started!

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