1st Quarter IFTA Filing Starts Today!

Happy April! The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and 1st Quarter IFTA Filings has started. Oh, what a wonderful time of year. Filing your IFTA return doesn’t have to be complicated and shouldn’t require a giant chunk of your time. If you have ever filed your IFTA the old school way with all that paper, you probably don’t believe me when I tell you it shouldn’t ever be like that. One of the best ways to prepare your IFTA return is through ExpressIFTA.com. It’s easy to use and you don’t have to deal with all that extra paperwork or second guessing if you entered the right information or not. Let’s go over the process so you can see how easy it is for yourself…

How To Generate Your IFTA Return with ExpressIFTA.com
After creating an account with ExpressIFTA with your basic business information, it’s time to get started.

Before you start entering mileage, you will need to select the units of measurement (miles, kilometers, gallons, liters, etc.). Once that is done, you simply choose the state, enter the miles, and enter the fuel purchased. There are a few options available to enter your mileage and you and find more information on them in my previous blog – 1st Quarter IFTA Filing Starts April 1st

Check out this video that shows how everything works.

When all your information is entered, our system will run a quick diagnostic check to make sure your trips line up and there isn’t any missing information. Then our system will automatically calculate the fuel tax owed (or owed to you). 
When everything is good to go, you will be prompted to the filing instructions for your set base jurisdiction and to pay the filing fee. It really is simple. You can even find out the amount of IFTA fuel tax you will owe before you file with our IFTA Fuel Tax Calculator App – available on App Store and Google Play. 
If you have any questions about generating your IFTA Return with ExpressIFTA, contact the ExpressIFTA Support Team via phone: 704-234-6005 or email: support@expressifta.com

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