Trip Logs: ExpressIFTA Tips & Tricks

Trip Logs: ExpressIFTA Tips & Tricks
Trip Logs: ExpressIFTA Tips & Tricks

We know plenty of truckers who groan when they remember they have an IFTA deadline right around the corner. But what exactly is it that’s so irritating about reporting your fuel taxes?

Well, probably all the fuel receipts, trip logs, and paperwork that is involved in reporting a quarter.

Understanding Trip Logs

Trip logs summarize all of the IFTA information you have entered each IFTA quarter. You can manage each quarter by trip sheets, quick entries, GPS data upload, (or) bulk upload from an Excel or .CSV file.

  • Trip Sheet: Trip sheets are one of the easiest ways to report your IFTA return. They allow you to report trips by driver, vehicle, odometer reading, and starting and ending location, as well as the start and end date. You can also add any additional information you like, including load description, carrier, trailer number, and more.
  • Quick Entries: These work exactly like they sound – quick and easy! Select your vehicle and add your mileage and fuel details one month at a time. Quick Entries gives you plenty of options for reporting, and even lets you breakdown your miles by odometer readings or distance traveled. 
  • GPS Data Upload: At the moment, ExpressIFTA only natively supports Fleetmatics GPS output, but our programmers can upload other GPS outputs through our backend system. Simply contact them at for more details. 
  • Bulk Data Upload: Need to file for your whole fleet? With the Express Upload feature, you can choose add your data to the spreadsheet we provide. The Smart Upload feature allows you to use your own template and format. Simply select the file from your computer and match the required fields to ensure your data is imported correctly.Follow the onscreen tips to avoid confusion and then upload the spreadsheet into our system. It’s that simple!

Let ExpressIFTA Help You

The nice thing about ExpressIFTA is that it is an easy to use system, designed with the average trucker in mind.

By organizing your trip logs into these 4 formats, generating your IFTA report is easy. That way you can stop worrying about fuel reports and get back on the road! Can’t argue with that.

You don’t have time to waste, and we don’t want to waste it! Sign up for an ExpressIFTA account today, before that deadline sneaks up on you!

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