Simplify Trucking Payroll With This Easy Solution

If you run a trucking company, you know that paying all your employees and contractors can be tough. Why not simplify your entire trucking payroll process by placing everything under one roof?

Thankfully, our sister product PayWow is here to do just that! With their cloud-based solution and myPayWow mobile app, you can access payroll from anywhere. Plus, your drivers can upload documents and log miles while over the road! 

Here’s what PayWow can do for your business!                                        

Everyone in one place

PayWow provides you with the ability to pay both employees and contractors easily and from the same system. All your drivers, dispatchers, and office managers can be paid efficiently. 

Pay everyone the right way

Your employees and contractors can be paid by the mile (loaded or empty), by load percentages, by specific rates, or by the hour. Each individual can be set up appropriately within PayWow so they are tracked and paid correctly every time. Plus, you can schedule payments ahead of time.

Reporting and taxes

With PayWow you can easily run reports about anything you might need to know. You can run reports including: Benefits Report, Payroll Summary Report, Garnishment Report, New Hire Report, Approved Time Off, and even COVID-19 related reports.

PayWow also makes Federal and State tax filings simple. You can easily Generate Forms W-4, I-9, W-2, W-9, and 1099! PayWow will even fill them out with employee information for you!

myPayWow app

The myPayWow app is a one-of-a-kind solution that only PayWow offers! Both you and your drivers can use it (with different levels of security access of course) to track payroll and even upload information. That way your drivers can accurately show their mileage and hours while on the road.

Try PayWow Today!

You can try out PayWow for yourself today! It won’t cost you anything until you run payroll or need to run reports! 

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