3 Tips for Car Drivers from Truckers

Alright Trucking Nation, usually we send trucking tips your way, but today we’re gonna take a change of pace.

Instead of offering advice to the good truckers of America, we’re shifting gears and letting the four wheelers out there know what they can do to make the road a safer place for everybody.

#1: Pay Attention

With distracted driving becoming a major issue (hello smart phones?), the road is even more dangerous than before.

I mean how many times has a trucker looked out their window to see a four wheeler pull up on their iPhone, realize they need to merge, and then hide their phone as they speed in front of them?

If I had to guess, I’d say plenty of times. Sure, we know that phones are always connected. You’re bound to get a text or a call while you’re on the road. But make sure you pay attention to the road as a four wheeler

#2: Watch Those Mirrors

I’m sure you’ve seen a sign on a truck that says “if you can’t see our mirrors, we can’t see you.”

You probably see that sign all the time. You might even ignore it now that you’ve seen it so much.

But really, don’t tailgate trucks. Don’t hide in the blind spots of trucks. That means the sides, too!

Come on, you’ve probably seen a truck run a car off the road, or get pretty close. It’s never intentional, and that kind of incident would just cause a trucker to lose money or their job.

Most likely, that car was hiding in the blind spot.

Do your best to not hide beside a truck. If you ever find yourself in that blind zone, get around the truck or slow down to get away from it.

#3: Lane Passing

Sometimes you’re zipping down the interstate and realize you’re about to pass your exit—so you put the pedal to the metal and make it all the way across a four lane highway in a matter of seconds.

If you cross a tractor trailer, there’s a chance you could cause an accident from them OR the other car in their blind spot.

We know it’s tempting to go for the three-lane switch, but you have no clue what is on the other side of a truck as you cross over.

Going back to mirrors and blind spots, if you can’t see around a truck, don’t assume what’s on the other side.

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What are your tips for four wheeler drivers?

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