Tomorrow Is The 2nd Quarter IFTA Deadline

Oh my Trucking Nation, the 2nd Quarter IFTA Deadline is tomorrow! You know what that means? It means you still have time to file your IFTA return. And you have  to help you get through the IFTA filing process quick, fast, and in a hurry. Well it does take a few minutes, but it is IFTA filing.

There are many benefits to using to create your IFTA return. I know you might be thinking – How can ExpressIFTA simplify IFTA filing and make my life easier? First we need to cast those doubtful thoughts out of your head and get you on the train to positive town. It’s a great place, I promise you will never want to leave. Now let me fill you in on how ExpressIFTA can make the stress of IFTA filing disappear…

  •  ExpressIFTA is easy to use. Basically, if you can track your mileage (or have a handy GPS do it for you) and hold on to your fuel receipts, you can e-file an IFTA return. We provide multiple upload options so you don’t have to enter each trip sheet by hand, and you can do it for multiple trucks at one time. 
  • There are no sign up costs and no monthly fees or contracts. That statement needs no further explanation; it is just perfect.
  • Our program automatically calculates the taxes owed accurately. You don’t have to worry about the tax rate in each state jurisdiction, we take care of everything for you.
  • ExpressIFTA supports all 48 states that participate in IFTA. Why hassle with math calculations for the tax rate of each state when you don’t have to? We also provide IFTA information for each state jurisdiction so you know how every state handles IFTA licenses, IFTA decals, quarterly filing and so much more!
  • Our simple entry for odometer readings and the ability to maintain distance and fuel records online makes it easy to keep track of your mileage and fuel purchases.
  • And because we want you to always have an error-free return (who wouldn’t right?), our system will run a diagnostic report to review any possible errors on the IFTA return based on the estimated Miles per Gallon. I do need to include this disclaimer: This audit of information does not guarantee that the IFTA return will be accepted. It simply checks for basic errors that could have other wise been overlooked. 
So if you are a die-hard, last-minute IFTA filer and are trying to find the best way to create your IFTA return, ExpressIFTA has got your back. If you have any questions about creating your IFTA return, GPS uploading, or anything IFTA related, give the ExpressIFTA support team a call. You can reach us via phone: 704.234.6005 or email:

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