The 4th Quarter IFTA Deadline is Coming Soon!

As you know, the 4th quarter of 2015 closed out at the end of December, so that means that IFTA reports are due January 31st. But it also means that it’s time to use ExpressIFTA, whether you’ve been using it for several quarters now, or if this will be your first time with us. And that’s good news, since we save you time and stress. And who couldn’t use more time and less stress?

ExpressIFTA Puts Your Mind at Ease

By getting your IFTA filed now, you’ll have one less thing to worry about. Since using ExpressIFTA is so quick and easy, you don’t have to put off taking care of your IFTA return like you might if you had to prepare your return by yourself.

Preparing your return with ExpressIFTA also helps relieve that big worry that IFTA can bring up: getting audited. We have an automatic error checker that will let you know right away if there are any inconsistencies or errors in your return. You’ll be able to fix them immediately and get more space between you and the dreaded audit.

What Will You Do with the Extra Time?

ExpressIFTA saves you so much time, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without the added time. There’s the time saved by not having to write down your mileage and fuel purchases, and not having to keep all those papers organized. Entering these items with us is super fast and simple, whether you upload your information from your GPS, upload an Excel spreadsheet, use Trip Sheets, or enter it manually with Quick Entries.

There’s also the time we save you by automatically looking up your tax rate and doing all the necessary math for you. With all that time freed up, the sky’s the limit to what you’ll be able to do!

Of course, we aren’t going to solve all your problems. But we can take care of some of those things you’d rather not do, or don’t really have to do all by yourself. ExpressIFTA can bring you added peace of mind while giving you more time to do the things you really love to do. Who couldn’t use some of that?

If you have any questions or concerns about your IFTA return, don’t hesitate to contact our world-class support team by phone at 704 234.6005, on live chat from our website, or by email at

And don’t forget to join the conversation over on our Facebook page or Twitter. You can tell us and The Trucking Nation about your experiences with IFTA, how ExpressIFTA helped with that, or just about what you’re doing with all that extra free time!

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