Summer’s Hottest Trucking Apps

Warm weather and the busy tax season are both rapidly approaching, and we’ve got a slew of hot trucking applications to help you with anything and everything you could possibly need.

If you aren’t already familiar with all of these applications, there’s no better time than now to familiarize yourself, since both the beginning of HVUT season and the second quarter IFTA deadline are right around the corner.

Here’s a list of the best apps to save you time and money this summer:

IFTA Tax Calculator: Apple and Google Play

  • Automatically calculate your quarterly IFTA tax by entering your base jurisdiction, fuel type, as well as the fuel purchased and miles traveled in each state 
  • After inputting all of the necessary information, the application will automatically generate you a custom tax report summary 
  • The tax report summary contains all of the information you entered, and most importantly the tax amount that is either due or that will be credited to you. This report can then be emailed for record keeping purposes or to help you file your quarterly IFTA return 
Form 2290 Tax Calculator: Apple, Google Play, and website

  • Use the Form 2290 Tax Calculator to automatically calculate your heavy vehicle use tax after inputting your information. Simply select your first use month and taxable weight category for each vehicle, and the app will automatically calculate the amount you owe for your heavy vehicle usage tax 
  • Once you have completed inputting your information and your tax amount has been calculated, you can email the calculations and use them to begin filing your 2290 

ExpressTruckTax: Apple, Google Play, and website

  • ExpressTruckTax is the easiest way to file your 2290 from your electronic device in just minutes, allowing you to E-file like never before 
  • To begin E-filing today, you’ll need to enter some information including your business name, business address, EIN (employer identification number), VIN (vehicle identification number), and the gross vehicle weight of each of your trucks. After you have entered all of your information you are ready to transmit your return to the IRS 
  • After your return has been transmitted, within about 15 minutes we will let you know the status of your return, and notify you whether it was accepted or rejected by the IRS. For returns that are rejected, we will also notify you of the reason for rejection, and the ExpressTruckTax team will even help you to sort out and solve the issue. Resubmitting with ExpressTruckTax after a failed return is always free
  • Once your return is accepted, the stamped copy of your Schedule 1 is emailed to you immediately. The stamped Schedule 1 is always available for download in your dashboard, so that you can print or email it as many times as you need 

FMCSA Rules and Regulations: Apple and Google Play

  • This handy application contains the guide for the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, with the FMCSA rules and regulations. The app even lets you search through its database for keywords or categories, effectively ending the days of flipping page after page to find what you need 
  • Through the “Fuel Dog” feature, you can search for the best diesel fuel rates (within a specified distance) around you. The app when prompted will automatically search thousands of truck stops across the nation, and show you the ones with the best rates that are closest to you by using your GPS signal 
  • The app also features a “Trucker Jobs” section, that shows trucker jobs around the country and will even provide you with a direct link to the hiring webpage. This section can also be customized to show jobs within a specific distance of your zip code or current location, as well as jobs with specific carriers 

If you need any assistance or have any questions about the IFTA Tax Calculator, Form 2290 Tax Calculator, or ExpressTruckTax application, contact our US-based support team. You can contact us by phone at 704.234.6005, by email at, or via live chat through our website.

All of these apps can be downloaded for free from both the Apple Store and Google Play Store. The ExpressTruckTax and Form 2290 Tax Calculator programs can also be accessed through any web browser.

In addition to all of these great apps we’ve discussed to help save you time and money during the tax season, we also have another way to help you out this summer. Through ExpressTruckTax, we are offering you a chance to win a $50 fuel card just for liking our Facebook page. Thats right, were actually offering a chance to win a $50 fuel card just for taking a few seconds to like us on Facebook. For more information on the contest, or to like us and enter, check out our blog post here.

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