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IFTA fuel and mileage logs

You have to turn in your IFTA report 4 times a year, what a hassle. That means that every quarter you have to sit down and spend hours dealing with math and trip sheets to figure out your IFTA totals. Isn’t there a better way?

Actually, there is. You can use ExpressIFTA to save tons of time on your IFTA fuel tax reports! Our innovative features streamline the reporting process so you can effortlessly track your mileage and fuel records to instantly complete your IFTA return each quarter. Check out a few of ExpressIFTA’s time-saving features!

Save Time With ExpressIFTA

ExpressIFTA will allow you to keep detailed records for each trip you travel during the quarter with our detailed trip sheets. Simply select the vehicle you would like to enter a trip for to get started.

Then you will enter your odometer reading from the beginning and end of your trip, the starting and ending location, as well as the start and end date. If you would like you can also add information such as the load description, trailer number and more to keep detailed records for your business.

Once your trip summary is complete you can add your mileage and fuel records. Enter your miles traveled per jurisdiction by odometer readings or distance and then break them down by taxable or nontaxable. Then enter the fuel purchased per jurisdiction and the totals will automatically be calculated for your IFTA return.

IFTA Quarterly Reports

Or use the quick entries screen to enter all of your miles traveled and fuel records for a month at a time. You can enter your information by date and include trip numbers. Simply enter the miles traveled and fuel purchased per jurisdiction by day.

Your mileage can be recorded by distance or odometer readings can include information about your trip such as if your trailer was loaded, empty, bobtail, deadhead, etc, if you would like.

But why enter in your information manually when it can be bulk uploaded with ExpressIFTA? Simply upload all of your odometer or distance records at once with our excel template or by using your own excel or .CSV file. Our system provides step-by-step instructions to make the process quick and easy.

You can also quickly upload all of your distance information by uploading it to your ExpressIFTA account from your GPS. If ExpressIFTA doesn’t support the type of GPS you have simply email your GPS report to

Based off of the information you enter, ExpressIFTA will automatically calculate your IFTA totals in an easy to read IFTA report that can be printed and emailed.

We will also automatically calculate the amount of IFTA tax you owe, so you don’t have to worry about doing any complicated calculations yourself. Best of all, the report can be used to complete your quarterly IFTA return in a matter of minutes.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, we’re here to help. Contact the dedicated ExpressIFTA support team over the phone Monday – Friday from 9 AM to 6 PM EST at 704.234.6005. We also offer live chat and 24/7 email support at

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