Rookie Trucker? 6 Tips for New Drivers

Everybody starts somewhere, even truckers. And we know there’s nothing worse than being stuck behind a rookie driver figuring out his way on a congested highway. Heck, you can probably spot them a mile away these days. But in all honesty, road warriors have to start somewhere. This blog goes out to our drivers who are still green behind the ears.

Once you’re out of a training rig, driving solo is both liberating and intimidating. So how can you hit the ground running? By following these 6 tips for new truck drivers!

Friendly Neighborhood Truck Driver

Be friendly with your dispatcher, even though that seems like an impossible task sometimes. But as a general rule, a little friendliness can take you far. Even if you find coworkers annoying, we suggest taking some deep breaths and staying cordial. I mean, if a shipper has to choose between two truckers, and one has an attitude problem—who do you think they’ll choose?

Automate Your Life

Make the most of your truck by automating your efforts. First off, go download RigMinders. Why? Well, with RigMinders you can set a list of reminders to keep you updated on upcoming deadlines. Maybe you want to go a bit further into it? Then check out TruckLogics—the premier cloud-based trucking management software. And if you’d rather just have someone else take care of these deadlines and fees for you, we say go check out Truck Services of North America.

Don’t Skip Leg Day

Staying healthy on the road is a must! Think about it, you’re sitting most of the day, hours on end. Do you know how that takes a toll on your health? It’s pretty dire. What’s the solution? Stay proactive! Plan out a fitness routine and eat healthy.

Safety First

Make sure your cab is safe! You should keep a first aid kit, an emergency kit, and anything else that protects your rig. Heck, maybe get yourself a dog! While you might be tempted to sleep in any old lot, we suggest these popular truck stops!

Set Goals for the Future

You should have goals as a driver. Common consensus among drivers is that running a few years of OTR is the fastest way to one of those sweet weekend off kinda gigs. This is where creating a plan becomes crucial. If you’re saving up for the next stage in life – like home-owning, getting married, or having kids – set financial goals early on.

Stay Organized

Your truck is your home when you’re on the road. Don’t lose sight of this! A clean cab will make you feel happy, and you’ll present a better image. Does that matter though? Well, since trucking is a business on wheels, looking professional and portraying positivity is a good idea. So we suggest you put your all into making a home away from home inside of your rig.

And as a bonus tip, when you need to file your IFTA report, head to ExpressIFTA. With our helpful bilingual customer support team, reporting your fuel tax has never been easier. Have questions as a rookie? Call us at 704.234.6005 or reach them by email.

For our veteran drivers, what tips do you have for the rookies?

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