Reminder: IFTA License & Decal Renewal

Do you like a pre-reminder reminder, or the reminder before the actual reminder? Great! That is exactly what today’s ExpressIFTA blog is all about; it is your reminder before the reminder to get you prepared for the IFTA license & decal renewals (Am I making sense?)  If you have your calendar handy, pull it up and let’s get some information in there so you won’t miss the 2015 IFTA Renewal Deadline.

When is the 2015 IFTA Renewal Deadline?
IFTA renewals are done annually and the deadline is December 31st. Well isn’t that just convenient, IFTA renewals and New Year’s Eve are on the same day. Okay, maybe not that convenient, but it may help you remember.

  • Some states require all renewal paperwork be received in the office BEFORE the December 31st deadline to allow enough time to process everything. Remember to keep this in mind when you’re planning out all your December renewal paperwork (there are heaps of renewals due in December including UCR)

How do you renew an IFTA license?
You know that tiny tidbit about IFTA being state specific? That little fact is very important when answering this question. Some states will mail or e-mail out renewal papers, but be aware that some states are updating their methods and may not mail them out anymore. Some states provide online renewal and others require electronic renewals, while others renew IFTA licenses automatically as long as the carrier is current with their quarterly filings and any tax due. Basically, check with your state jurisdiction to see how they handle renewals.

  • Important: If your IFTA account is not in good standing, meaning you missed a quarterly filing or still have tax due, then you will not be able to renew your IFTA license. 
A few things to keep in mind:
If your state sends out renewal papers and you do not receive them, this does not mean you don’t have to renew. To be on the safe side, if you haven’t received your renewal papers by mail or e-mail by the beginning of December, call up your base state and get the ball rollin’. This is one deadline you really don’t want to miss. 

How to make the entire renewal process easier:
Yes, trucking nation you read that right, you can make the entire renewal process easier. Here’s how: Get a hold of TSNAmerica and let them file on your behalf. Life changing information, I promise you. Never miss a deadline or have to deal with base jurisdictions ever again. IFTA renewals and IFTA filing isn’t all they can do. As a premier processing agency, TSNAmerica can handle all your authorities, permits, registrations (IRP & UCR), IFTA, 2290 HVUT, everything and anything under the sun you need to operate and be compliant. They also provide some handy start up packages for new owner/operators to take the guess work out of all that compliance paperwork. Contact TSNAmerica for more information via phone: 803.386.0320 or email:

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