Prepare Your 4th Quarter Fuel Tax Report Online Now

Alright Y’all, the clock is officially ticking. The countdown to the 4th quarter IFTA deadline on January 31 has begun. Don’t let this deadline sneak up on you or you could be scrambling to complete your return before it’s too late! Prepare your 4th quarter fuel tax report online now!

If you miss the IFTA due date then you will have serious penalties to face and may even get audited. However, we know that IFTA filing can be complicated and time-consuming, so you actually want to put it off until the last minute. That’s why ExpressIFTA has worked to create a simple IFTA reporting solution online to save you time and prevent frustration.

Prepare Your 4th Quarter Fuel Tax Report Online Now

All you have to do to get started with ExpressIFTA is create your free account, then you will have access to all of our innovative, time-saving IFTA reporting features to easily generate your 4th quarter fuel tax report online.

We offer a number of ways to conveniently track your IFTA information online. For example, you can use our trip sheet entries feature to record detailed information about each of your trips for your IFTA fuel tax report.

Importing Your IFTA Records

Each trip sheet entry will include the vehicle, driver, and trip description. Then you can enter the number of your trip and add the start and end date. Next, you will add your odometer readings from the beginning and end of your trip and any additional information that you’d like. From the trailer number, carrier, and more, we make it easy to keep detailed records!

You can also speed things up with the quick entries screen to enter all of your mileage information for your fuel tax report online for an entire month at a time. This sheet allows you to enter the beginning and end of the month, what states you were in each day, and the number of miles traveled per day.

If you would like to speed things up even more, then check out our bulk data upload feature to import all of your distance records at once. You can add your mileage information by odometer readings or miles traveled by using your own Excel file or our downloadable spreadsheet.


Accurate Calculations
Don’t worry about having to add up how many miles you traveled per jurisdiction or figure out the amount of fuel tax you owe because we handle all of the complicated calculations for you. Based on the information you add we will generate a quarterly IFTA report that includes all of the totals you need to complete your return.

We will also automatically take care of conversions for you. If you need to convert your miles into kilometers or liters into gallons and vice versa, don’t worry! We will instantly make the conversion in a matter of seconds!

Record Keeping and Support

All of your IFTA records will be stored in your account on a quarterly basis. You can access your fuel tax records online at any time, from any location to keep detailed records for your trucking business. Also, you’ll have everything you need on hand in the event of an IFTA audit.

The US-based, dedicated ExpressIFTA support team is also standing by to help. If you need any assistance reporting your fuel tax online, simply give us a call. We’re available Monday – Friday from 9 AM to 6 PM EST at 704.234.6005. We also offer live chat and 24/7 email support at

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