Missed The IFTA Deadline? Here’s What You Need To Do

Truck tires of trucker filing 4th quarter IFTA taxes

The 4th quarter IFTA deadline just passed on January 31.

You needed to report all of your mileage and fuel purchases from October through December 2019.

Did you miss the IFTA deadline? That’s OK!

Here’s exactly what you need to do.

What to do if you missed the IFTA deadline

The quickest way to deal with IFTA taxes is to generate a precalculated report with ExpressIFTA. All you have to do is enter your mileage and fuel purchase information and ExpressIFTA will do the rest.

You don’t have to do any of the math. You don’t need a calculator. Just enter your IFTA information and then take your calculated report to your base jurisdiction to pay your taxes. IFTA reporting has never been easier.

Why you need to pay your IFTA taxes now

As it stands, you’re already going to be hit with a late filing of $50 or 10% of the IFTA tax you owe, depending on which is greater.

Truck with flatbed using ExpressIFTA for 4th quarter IFTA reporting

Unless Nevada is your base jurisdiction, where the penalty for missing the IFTA deadline is $50 plus 10% of whatever you owe.

Another .4167% will be tacked on every month you are late as well. And if you end up being selected for an IFTA audit, you could end up being charged big bucks or having your IFTA license revoked.

Generate your report and file today!

Don’t delay. Start your ExpressIFTA report now so that you don’t face any other fees!

Need more help with ExpressIFTA?

Check out this handy step-by-step guide to generating your IFTA report with ExpressIFTA! It makes the process even easier!

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