Long Haul Life: Entertainment for the Road

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Quick reminder, Trucking Nation – the 4th Quarter IFTA deadline is Monday, February 1st.

Usually, the deadline is January 31st, but since that falls on a Sunday, the deadline was moved to the next business day.

Now, back to business – whether you’re a greenhorn driver or a veteran of the road, you’re going to need entertainment for your travels. Sure, satellite radio has become a standard for the trucking life, but there are a few other entertainment options out there, too.

Enrich Your Life with Audiobooks

Let’s be real, we’ve all heard that reading can improve your life (and your health), but it’s not like you can hold a book across your steering wheel. Instead, get your hands on a few audiobooks! Now, there are truck stops that carry books on tape and books on CD, but there are digital options you can look into, as well.

If you’re looking for the latest releases, services like iTunes, Google Play, and Audible offer audiobooks for purchase. Maybe you want something cheaper? There are free archives like Librivox, where you can find audio recordings of public domain works. If you’re looking to read classic books, it’s not a bad option! Maybe you’ve wanted to pick up some business insights or learn a new language? There are plenty of educational audiobook options out there, as well!

Pace Yourself with Podcasts

On the other hand, you will have access to constant audio entertainment if you look into podcasts. If you have a smartphone, you can have access to podcasts. The cool thing about podcasts is that you can find one about any subject – news, politics, true crime, movies. And the best part is, most podcasts update on a regular schedule.

Some trucker themed podcasts you might want to check out:

Other popular podcasts include Serial, Stuff You Should Know, and Freakonomics Radio.

Turn Your Truck into a Theater

With a solid data plan, a mobile hotspot, or free wifi, you can turn your truck into a mobile entertainment system with a laptop, smartphone, or tablet. I mean, subscription services like Netflix, Hulu, and Youtube Red have enough programming to keep you entertained for hours. Following their lead, many networks are making channel specific standalone services, too. Whether it’s HBO or ESPN, it won’t take you long until you’re streaming the latest entertainment directly into your sleeper. Plus, staying connected also allows you to video chat with any friends and family back home, so that’s an added bonus!

With the IFTA deadline right around the corner, rest assured that our US-based, bilingual support team is available by phone at 704.234.6005, or by email at support@expressifta.com.

How do you stay entertained when you’re on the road?

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