Let’s Get Ready for the 3rd Quarter IFTA Deadline

3rd Quarter IFTA Preparation Tips

We’re in the middle of the 3rd Quarter, which means you still have time to get ready for the upcoming deadline. We’ve gathered our best tips that can help you survive your IFTA filing.

So without further ado, here are our IFTA preparation tips:

Don’t Procrastinate!

The first thing you need to do is clear your docket! If you’ve been living under a rock, you may have missed that the heavy vehicle use tax due date for 2016-2017 is August 31st. That’s only a few weeks away!

So what should you do? E-file Form 2290 with ExpressTruckTax, and you won’t have to worry about a thing.

After your IRS Form 2290 is filed, you can move on to planning out your next fuel tax return.

Keep Better Records

Basically, if you want to get ahead on your next IFTA tax return, start with better record-keeping. If you’re going to go the old fashioned way, come up with a system to keep your files organized and ready to go. Store and track your fuel receipts and mileage as the quarter moves on, and you’ll find entering your info into ExpressIFTA is easy as pie.

Of course, you could always just use trucking management software.

Trucking Software Can Help

If you really want to get ahead of the curve for your next IFTA filing, you should look into a transportation business management software with IFTA reporting capabilities.

We suggest TruckLogics, the premier trucking management software where you can capture fuel receipts with your smartphone, create and send invoices, and plan your routes with ProMiles.

When you use TruckLogics, you can go into an IFTA quarter with top notch recordkeeping skills. With just a few clicks, you can generate IFTA reports from your trip sheets—and with ProMiles, you can record the most accurate mileage for your fuel taxes.

Know Your Deadline

From here, it’s simply a matter of knowing your next IFTA deadline. The reporting period for the 3rd Quarter runs from July through the end of September. This means that your deadline falls on October 31st, which is a Monday this year.

No matter how you prepare for the next IFTA due date, know that the experts at ExpressIFTA will be here to answer your questions!

Let us know your preparation tips in the comments.

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