Last Minute IFTA Tips: 3 Ways to File

Let’s face it, Trucking Nation. You’ve been putting off your 4th Quarter IFTA reporting for a while. Sure, it’s understandable – you’re busy hauling the goods and products that stock our store shelves. The last thing you want to do is sit down and file paperwork for the government.

But you have to. Some of us might be lucky enough to have a spouse, child, or tax preparer who handles our IFTA returns for us. But for those of us who are on our own, we have to figure out how to get our IFTA filing done. With that said, we’re here to walk you through the three best ways to file your fuel tax return.

Manually Calculate and File

Something tells us if you’ve been procrastinating, you don’t want to go this route – but you can always manually calculate and report your IFTA return. I wouldn’t call it easy, but you just go to the IFTA website, find the rates for each state, and then calculate everything yourself. Simple, right? Yeah right!

Let Someone Else Do It

Like we said, we know plenty of truckers who let other people file for them. And that’s not a bad idea, especially if you use a service like Truck Services of North America. Instead of getting bogged down in IFTA rates, fuel receipts, and mileage calculations, you just need to send TSNAmerica your information, and they do the rest for you! And if you want someone back home to handle your IFTA return – well, read on.

Let Software Speed It Up

With the deadline right around the corner, you need a viable option for filing. Whether you or a tax preparer handles your return, our suggestion is filing with us at ExpressIFTA. With our easy-to-use software, you just need to have your records ready to go, input your information, and generate your return. You can create an account for free, and you only have to pay once you generate your return. With features like GPS uploading and distance calculators, you can see that we designed ExpressIFTA with simplicity in mind.

Best of all, if you need assistance, we offer US-based, bilingual customer support at ExpressIFTA. Call our support team by phone at 704.234.6005, or reach us by email at You can even live chat straight from the website!

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