How To Prepare IFTA Report With ExpressIFTA

The International Fuel Tax Agreement requires all qualified motor vehicles to file an IFTA return each quarter if the qualifying heavy vehicles were operating in at least 2 of the IFTA member jurisdictions.  

Note: The IFTA jurisdictions include the 48 contiguous states of the US and 10 Canadian provinces.  

Vehicles operating within these jurisdictions must have an IFTA license and file a quarterly IFTA return with their base jurisdiction.  A vehicle’s base jurisdiction is the state or province in which the vehicle is registered. has made the process of completing trip sheets and entering fuel purchases much easier.  ExpressIFTA allows you to create an IFTA return online in minutes!  

After creating an account with ExpressIFTA, all you need to do is enter basic information about the filing party such as contact information and EIN.  You will also be asked to enter your base jurisdiction and IFTA license number.  

Once the business information is entered, you can select the units of measurement that you will be using (such as miles, kilometers, gallons, liters, etc.).  For the vehicles on the IFTA return a unit number, gross weight, vehicle type, fuel type, and VIN number can be entered.  

To enter the mileage into the system, it can be entered manually, or an excel file can be uploaded to automatically record this.  Using the excel upload can significantly cut down on the amount of time that it takes to submit this information.  If you have records of your trips and would like to enter them manually, all that is needed is the State, Odometer reading, and amount of fuel purchased for each trip.

The system will then run a diagnostic report to review any possible errors on the IFTA return based on the estimated Miles Per Gallon.  This audit of information does not guarantee that the IFTA return will be accepted.  It simply checks for basic errors that could have otherwise been overlooked.  

The best part about organizing the IFTA return online is that our system automatically calculates the amount due based on all of the previous data entered.  There is no need to get frustrated over complicated tax calculations.  

Filing this form online only takes a few minutes. To find out more about IFTA filing or get started today, go to or contact our Express Tax Support Center in Rock Hill, SC  at 704.234.6005 between the hours of 8am – 6pm EST, Monday through Friday or email us at

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