How to generate your IFTA report with ExpressIFTA

Do you struggle to make IFTA calculations on your own? We have the easiest solution to all your problems.

With ExpressIFTA, generating your IFTA report for filing has never been easier or more accurate.

In just a few simple steps, ExpressIFTA will take your raw IFTA information and turn it into an easy-to-read report that you can use to file IFTA.

ExpressIFTA does all the complex calculations for you and will even check for errors in your data.

Learn how to generate your report with ExpressIFTA by following these step-by-step instructions.

Login to ExpressIFTA

1. Go to Register for an account. You can also use your login credentials if you have already registered there.

2. Click “GET STARTED”.

Set up your personal/business details

1. Enter all your business information. Required info will be marked with a red asterisk. Click the orange “NEXT” button at the bottom of the page.

2. Select your base jurisdiction and enter your IFTA account number. Click “NEXT”.

3. Enter your preferred settings. Click “NEXT”.

4. Add the truck or trucks you want to generate IFTA reports for. You can do this manually or via bulk upload. Click “Save” when you are done. Click “NEXT” at the bottom of the page.

5. Add your driver or drivers by click “+Add First Driver”.

6. Enter their information. Click “Save”.

7. Now, return to the Dashboard by clicking the orange “GO TO DASHBOARD” button.

Enter IFTA information

1. In this example, we will click the “+Add Mileage” button adjacent to the 4th Quarter section. 

2. You will see all your trucks that you have added here. Click on the orange “QE+” button on the truck you want to generate a report for. On this screen, you can enter all mileage information for each truck. To change trucks just click the blue “Change” button. You can also add a new truck from this screen.

3. Scroll down. You will see fields where you can begin manually entering in IFTA information. If you have your total mileage and fuel purchases you can enter the data as totals by switching from Odometer to Distance. You can also upload information for less data entry using the “Upload Quick Entries/GPS Data” button.

4. Once you have finished entering information, click “CONTINUE” at the bottom of the page.

Generate your IFTA report

1. Once you are ready to generate your report, click “Create IFTA Report for X Quarter”.

2. Check this information and click “NEXT”.

3. Add additional information here if necessary. Click “SAVE & CONTINUE”.

4. Check this information and click “SAVE & CONTINUE”.

5. Check this information and click “NEXT”.

6. Have ExpressIFTA check for common errors in your reporting. We recommend leaving all boxes checked for the most accurate reporting. Click “RUN DIAGNOSIS”.

7. If ExpressIFTA finds no errors in your report, you should see this screen. Click “NEXT”.

8. Here you will see the price for generating your report on ExpressIFTA. WE DO NOT PAY YOUR IFTA TAX FOR YOU. Click “NEXT”.

Pay for and print your IFTA report

1. Enter your credit card information to pay for your report. Click “Process’. You will able to view and print your report for IFTA filing with your base jurisdiction.

Generate your IFTA report today!

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