How Do I Apply For An IFTA License?

Applying for an IFTA license is pretty simple. It is even easier when you have your very own Truck Services of North America processing agent do it for you, but we will get more into that a few paragraphs down the road. Let’s get started on the How To portion of this blog…

How To Apply For An IFTA License

First, you need to know if you qualify for an IFTA license. Here is a list of the qualifications:

  •  If you operate a commercial vehicle that is over 26,000 pounds gross vehicle weight in 2 or more states (including provinces)
  • Vehicles with 3 or more axles regardless of weight
  • A combination of vehicles that weigh more than a total of 26,000 pounds gross vehicle or registered gross vehicle weight (this doesn’t include recreationl vehicles)
Next, if you qualify for an IFTA license, then it is time to see what is required by your state jurisdiction to file for a license. To help you out, here is a list off all the state jurisdictions with their websites to make finding this info a bit easier. 
If your new to IFTA, it is very state specific. So not every state will have the same requirements as others, but it all works out the same. If you have questions, give your state jurisdiction a call, or if you have Truck Services of North America take care of it for it, they will handle all the communications between state departments and everything else. But, I’ll get more into that in second.
When you receive your IFTA License, you will get a few IFTA decals that will go on your truck. Having an IFTA license also includes IFTA filing. It’s a quarterly filing, that reports your mileage in each state you traveled, and then a fuel tax is calculated. You can do all your IFTA filing right here on, or you can have the wonderful team at Truck Services of North America handle it all for you.
Truck Services of North America
See, I told you we would get to them. Truck Services of North America is a full service processing agency that can handle all your compliant requirements for you. They take care of everything, from IFTA licenses and IFTA filing, registrations, authorities, tax forms, and every permit under the sun. They also have great packages for IFTA, New Business Start Up, and so much more. And you know the best part, it is all over the phone. 
Applying for your IFTA License is an easy enough task. Just make sure you have everything you need to apply for one. Each state should have it listed on their web page, or you can give them a call and they will be able to tell you. The 4th Quarter IFTA deadline is coming up in January, so stay tuned for all the upcoming information we will be posting about that.  

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