Fuel Optimization

Who doesn’t like to save money on fuel? Fuel costs are a huge part of trucking, let’s face it. But since you spend so much on fuel, there’s also the potential to save a lot of money in this area as well. Fuel optimization is perhaps the best way to accomplish this.

How Do Fuel Optimizers Work?

Fuel optimization programs help you get the most bang for your fuel buck. By analyzing various factors that influence fuel costs, these programs recommend the best choices for purchasing fuel for a given driver on a given route. Let’s take a closer look at how these programs work.

There are several factors that fuel optimization programs analyze in determining the best fuel-buying choices. Chief among these are:

  • Amount of fuel in the truck’s tank
  • Fuel prices along a certain route
  • Expected gallons burned & average MPG
  • Total IFTA tax, if any

Using at all these variables, fuel optimization programs then figure out a driver’s best options according to various calculations. Drivers or dispatchers are then ready to make their best informed fuel buying decisions.

TruckLogics Gives You Fuel Optimization and So Much More

TruckLogics, the only web-based trucking management solution designed exclusively for transportation professionals, contains a fuel optimizer as part of its Travel Planner. Travel Planner is a feature of ProMiles, and also includes a route optimization program that, together with the fuel optimizer, presents drivers with all the tools they need to plan the perfect run, down to all the details. You’ll not only be able to make the best fuel purchase decisions, but also be provided with information such as toll charges, how long a trip will take (both with and without stops), and even an overall route plan.

ExpressIFTA gives you the tools you need to take care of your IFTA needs, just as Travel Planner provides you with everything you need to plan the best run every time.

Our IFTA experts here at ExpressIFTA are ready help you with any questions or concerns you may have about preparing your IFTA return. Call us at 704.234.6005 or email us any time at support@expressifta.com.

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