Dealing with Boredom on the Road

There can be a common perception among those who don’t drive a truck for a living that being on the road all the time must be boring. But most truckers find just the opposite to be true. They report that driving on our nation’s roads is a never ending, fascinating adventure.

These truck drivers feel that they’re always doing something, whether it’s straining every nerve controlling 80,000 pounds along the road, or fighting traffic (especially “4-wheelers”). Weather, bad road conditions, and construction zones are other factors that constantly demand their full concentration. For most drivers, there’s no time to be bored.

As with most types of work, however, there can be periods that are tedious and repetitive. And what about those who do find some stretches of highway to be somewhat boring? Don’t worry, Trucking Nation, we’ve collected some tips from drivers who have dealt with some boredom along the road and how they’ve dealt with that.


Listening to Music- Perhaps the most common way that truck drivers choose to occupy their minds on the road. There are lots of alternatives today, including satellite radio and streaming services such as Pandora and Spotify.

Listening to Audiobooks- Many truckers prefer this type of mental activity. Quite a few also like to learn new languages in this way as well. Ebooks are available for download or purchase. is a great service for buying ebooks, and there are many free sites, such as Project Gutenburg.

Podcasts- This is another great way to stay alert. There’s a world of learning to be found among podcasts. You can also access our own Trucking Nation Podcast by clicking here.

Get Social

On Your Cell Phone- Nothing breaks up the monotony on the road like a friendly, familiar voice. Many truck drivers stay in touch with friends and family from their rigs.

On CB Radio- This communication format is becoming less and less popular as cell phones edge CB’s out, but can still be a fun way to pass the time and fight loneliness.

These are just some ways truckers choose to fight whatever boredom they may find on the road. ExpressIFTA frees up extra time for you by helping to make taxes less of a chore. With this extra time, you’ll have the luxury of deciding if you’re bored or not.

ExpressIFTA is available to answer your questions or concerns over the phone at 704.234.6005 or by email at Tweet at us on Twitter and chat with us on Facebook about your experiences with boredom on the road. Engaging with you, Trucking Nation, is something we are fortunate to be able to do every day. And thanks for helping us continue to grow our business so we can serve you even better.

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