Can Time off Improve Trucker Performance?

Being on the road takes a toll on a driver, we all know that. With lower back pain, weight gains, and a lack of sleep, OTR life is anything but easy. If you ask us, we think drivers could use some more time off.

Now, Trucking Nation, we know stores and businesses across the nation would shut down if you didn’t do your job. But you know it more than anyone—sometimes you need to step away from the cab and get some well-deserved time off.

We know it’s not always up to you. Heck, it’s up to the company you’re working for most of the time, unless you’re an owner-operator. But finding some down time will recharge you for the road, and studies suggest it can lead to a more productive year.

So make sure you get your time off—and fleet owners, try approving some of those time off requests for your drivers. Why?

Why Time off?

First off, research shows that appropriate time off for drivers leads to a better performance. How? Well, recent studies show that each time off request that is approved shows an increase in the bonus rate increasing nearly 3% the following month. On top of that, these studies showed that each time off request approved resulted in drivers traveling 218 more miles the following month than drivers who did not take time off. Overall, the increase in time off could result in an increase of revenue of more than 5%.

How to Spend Your Free Time

So how can you spend this extra time off? First off, the obvious choice: spend your time off with your family! Whether you’re spending time with a parent, a spouse, or a child, your family will appreciate the time you have together. And maybe, just maybe, you can take your time off and go on a fun vacation! Regardless, you have plenty of options during time off, vacations, and weekends home to feel rested and ready for the road.

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How do you spend your time off away from the rig?

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