Avoiding an IFTA Audit

Audit. five little letters that can strike fear in the heart of any trucker. We all have our preconceived notions of what an audit consists of. Not having accurate information as to the nature of an audit can contribute to that fear, making for a lot of unnecessary worrying. Let’s have a look at what an IFTA audit really is, and a few ways to increase the odds that your number won’t be called.

As we all know, filing an IFTA report to your base jurisdiction is required every quarter if you drive in more than one state or province during that quarter. An audit simply is the verification of the information provided on that IFTA report, mainly the amount of fuel bought in the quarter, and the mileage logged that quarter.

The big question is who gets audited? The truth of the matter is that all base jurisdictions are required to audit 3% of the IFTA licensees in that jurisdiction each quarter. This is to ensure that all who file IFTA reports are filing accurate and truthful information.

But there are still red flags that can trigger an audit. The auditors in your base jurisdiction are always looking for irregularities in the information reported by IFTA license holders.

So there are definite factors that can trigger an audit. These include:

  • False or Inaccurate Information on Your Application

               We all make mistakes. One time to be completely sure all your information is accurate and

                correct is when filing your IFTA report.

  • Fuel Records

               Information should include date of purchase, location where purchased (name and
               address), number of gallons purchased, and what type of fuel was purchased.

  • Mileage Records

              Taxable and nontaxable fuel use should be listed here including distance traveled
              with each type, and the distance traveled in each jurisdiction.

Perhaps the most important thing to note here is to keep accurate records. Which brings us to our final point.

Assuming you do all the right things and still your number gets called, then what? Well, first: breathe. If you’ve kept good, accurate records, you should have nothing to worry about.

And if you’ve been filing your IFTA returns with ExpressIFTA all along, you’ll have all your records already in one place. Whether you enter your information with trip sheets, quick entries, GPS data upload, or upload an Excel or CSV file, ExpressIFTA has got you covered. You’ll be able to generate separate reports for fuel and mileage, or a report with both.

Or you could use our sister app TruckLogics. TruckLogics is compatible with ProMiles, which automatically tracks all your mileage, and it even separates your dead mileage and mileage traveled in each state. TruckLogics is your one-stop transportation business management solution that allows you to manage all aspects of your business, from dispatching, to invoicing, to maintenance tracking, and even generating IFTA and HVUT returns. And you get the same stellar support you’ve come to expect from ExpressIFTA, based here in Rock Hill, SC.

You can reach us here at ExpressIFTA at 704.234.6005 Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 6 p.m, and any time at support@expressifta.com.

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