Attention, Truckers: The October 31 IFTA Deadline is Near

Hello, Trucking Nation! It’s on its way—the deadline to file your IFTA quarterly return is October 31. More precisely, IFTA returns are due to your base jurisdiction, or home state, on the last day of the month following the end of each quarter (in this case, July 1 to September 30). And since we love supporting our loyal and hard-working customers, collaborating with us can help you keep track of your mileage, fuel purchases, tax rates, and much more, making this process a cinch.

To generate and file your IFTA return with ExpressIFTA, follow these simple steps below:

  • Create an account
  • Enter your business, vehicle, and/or driver details
  • Select your base jurisdiction
  • Add your distance and fuel records
  • Generate your IFTA return

We will run an internal audit review and error diagnostics test to catch any errors before the return is generated for this and any quarter. Once any errors are corrected, we then calculate penalties, interest, and credits/refunds based on your base jurisdiction’s instructions.

It’s important to complete these steps as soon as possible to avoid any penalties! As always, don’t hesitate to contact our support team if you need assistance. You can call us at 704.234.6005, email us at, or even live chat with us straight from the website.

We love hearing from you, Trucking Nation!

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