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Chances are that by now you have at least heard about the ELD mandate. You may feel as if it may improve road safety and you may feel as it ELDs are simply an intrusion of rights. Either way, the mandate is coming at us full speed ahead.

Fleets have until December 2017 to comply with the ELD mandate in order to continue legally operating. We know that all of this information can be a little confusing, that’s why we have put together some information about ELDs and the mandate to answer frequently asked questions.

All About The ELD Mandate

The ELD mandate is essentially an electronic logging device law that’s being put into place by the United States Congress and FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration). It requires all truckers to install ELDs or electronic logging devices into the engines of their trucks to record their hours of service.

These automatic recording logs will completely replace paper logs which can easily be forged. This will crack down on drivers who go past the legal driving limit of 11 hours a day. If a driver is pulled over law enforcement officers can request to see their electronic driver log for the past 7 days, including the current day.

One positive idea behind this mandate is that it will cut down on administrative costs because thousands of people working away in offices all across the nation have to process and record paper logs. It will also hopefully cut down on the number of exhausted drivers on the road, because driving tired is the equivalent to driving drunk.


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However, a majority of truckers are against the ELD mandate. The mandate makes drivers wonder if they actually have any privacy protection. Being that heavily monitored makes them feel as if their privacy has been completely violated.

Another factor is the cost of installing an ELD device. For smaller companies, small to medium sized fleets, and businesses just breaking into the scene, the cost of installing ELDs in every truck could choke them out of the industry.

Even Though OODIA and a few other groups are trying to stop the ELD mandate or at least delay it to give fleets more time to comply, so far the December 2017 deadline remains intact.

The Oregon Trucking Associations is here to help answer your questions by hosting a free webinar! Tune in live on August 31st, at 1 – 2:30 PM PDT to learn about important ELD dates and deadlines, ELD options, how to comply, how to implement your ELDs. They will also answer your questions on the air. If you plan on attending register ahead of time to receive information about the webinar and instructions on how to attend via email.

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

Whether you’re for or against the ELD mandate, you need to comply by December 2017 in order to continue legally operating your truck. Heck, It’s already the end of August, December will be here before you know it! Don’t let the deadline sneak up on you.

Please share your thoughts about the ELD mandate in the comment section below, and for more trucking blogs visit

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