An Introduction to IFTA: The Ins and Outs

Here at ExpressTruckTax, we understand that IFTA is complicated, which is why we’re here to explain and try to make it easier for you. So, first things first: IFTA stands for International Fuel Tax Agreement, in which the member jurisdictions act cooperatively to administer and collect motor fuel use taxes.

Any qualified motor vehicle that travels between two or more member jurisdictions is required by law to possess an IFTA license and have decals on the vehicle, issued by their base state/jurisdiction. Aside from Alaska and Hawaii, IFTA member Jurisdictions include 48 states and 10 participating Canadian provinces.

The Necessities to File

  • The total miles, taxable and nontaxable, traveled by the IFTA licensee’s qualified motor vehicle(s) in all jurisdictions/states, regardless if they participate in IFTA, which includes all trip permit miles.
  • The total gallons or liters of fuel that is consumed by a qualifying motor vehicle, including taxable and nontaxable, in all jurisdictions/state whether they participate in IFTA or not.
  • The total miles and total taxable miles traveled in each member jurisdiction.
  • The total taxable gallons consumed in each member jurisdiction.
  • The tax-paid gallons/liters that are purchased in each member jurisdiction.
  • The current tax rates for each member jurisdiction.

The Due Dates

If you are required to file an IFTA return for the quarter, you must do so by the due dates below. If you happen to miss the due date and file late, or even underpay the taxes due, the penalty and interest rate will then be based on the base jurisdiction/state that you are registered with.

  • First Quarter (January – March): April 30
  • Second Quarter (April – June): July 31
  • Third Quarter (July – September): October 31
  • Fourth Quarter (October – December): January 31 

If you wish to file your quarterly IFTA return using ExpressIFTA, all you need to do is create an account, provide business and vehicle details, base jurisdiction, and your mileage and fuel records. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need assistance! You can give us a call at 704.234.6005, email us at, or even live chat with us straight from our website. We’re here to help you.

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