5 Reasons Trucking Beats an Office Job

Truck driving is one of those jobs that a lot of people just misunderstand. Sure, there are plenty of four-wheelers out there who think you just hog the road without any regard for them.

But we know that without the hard work of truckers, our store shelves would be empty!

On top of that, there’s nothing better than the open road as your workplace. I mean, you could be stuck in an office job, after all.

Your Workplace is Mobile

There’s nothing more monotonous than buttoning up a boring, stiff collared shirt and headed to a boring desk job.

But when you’re a trucker, every day brings you new challenges and experiences.

Sure, sometimes it might be exhausting work, but it’s better than filing those TPS reports, right?

Your Comfort Zone

All these rules about office etiquette? Throw them out the window.

Sure, there’s truck stop etiquette, but as long as you don’t park your rig in a fuel bay, you’re alright.

In your truck, you are free to blast anything—from talk radio to AC/DC—as loud as you want.

That is, unless you have a sleeping co-driver in the back of the cab.

Eat 3 Different Meals in 3 Different States

Alright, now this might sound crazy, but how many professions give you the opportunity to eat authentic New York pizza, Cincinnati Chili, and Tex-Mex in one day?

Now, we’re not suggesting you do that—but if you’re a culinary fanatic, being a truck driver isn’t all THAT bad.

Like Guy Fieri, being all over the road gives you a chance to try every diner, drive-in, and dive you find.

Of course, we advocate for trucker health and must INSIST you don’t eat like Guy Fieri under any circumstance!

See National Landmarks

We’re not saying you should stop and take a selfie near the Grand Canyon… we’re just saying it’s cool that your job as a trucker opens these possibilities.

We know you’re gonna focus on the job and get your freight to its destination on time, but if you were passing by Yellowstone and had some downtime, it wouldn’t be that hard to see Old Faithful.

That View

Instead of staring at the drab walls of a cubicle, you can see this any day of the week.

Of course, being a transportation professional means you still have SOME paperwork.

Like the upcoming IFTA deadline! Instead of getting frustrated with calculating your fuel tax return with a pile of fuel receipts and trip sheets, just head over to ExpressIFTA and generate your report with ease.

Because you’re not in this job for more paperwork.

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