4th Quarter IFTA: The Deadline is Coming!

Now that we’ve rolled past the holidays, we have to face the truth – on February 1st, you must report your 4th Quarter IFTA Return. Brace yourselves, the IFTA deadline is coming!

Now we know we’ve mentioned the deadline a few times already, and that paperwork can be a hassle. But have no fear, Trucking Nation, ExpressIFTA is here to make your reporting fast, easy, and best of all — worry free!

What Will I Need for my IFTA Quarterly Return?

First of all, you’ll need your IFTA license, basic business details, base jurisdiction, and truck information. After that, it’s only a matter of adding your total miles traveled and fuel purchased during the 4th Quarter. You can even upload Fleetmatics GPS data directly into the program, or email your GPS platform name and GPS report to support@expressifta.com and they will import it for you!

You probably already know this, but record keeping is a big part of IFTA. You’ll need a record of all your fuel receipts just in case you’re audited. We’ve talked about audits before, and we say it’s best to plan ahead! Remember, audits can happen at any time. On our end, we’ll keep all your IFTA returns on file so you have easy access if you are audited.

Here’s a quick overview of how ExpressIFTA works:

What happens if I don’t report my 4th Quarter IFTA?

We can’t say it better than the ExpressIFTA FAQ itself:

For most states, the penalty for late filing is a flat rate fee of $50 or 10% of the taxes due, whichever is greater. The only state that is different is Nevada. Nevada’s penalty for Late filing is a $50 flat fee plus 10% of the taxes due.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not interested in giving the government an additional $50 for filing late!

I Don’t Have Time to File — What Should I do?

While we’re not optimized to file your paperwork for you, we suggest you look into Truck Services of North America. With their streamlined services, you can just send them your mileage records and fuel receipts, and let them know what you need taken care of. They’ll do everything for you from there!

Like we said earlier this week, if you prefer to file yourself then ExpressIFTA is right up your alley. If you need help, contact our support team by phone at 704.234.6005, email at support@expressifta.com, or even live chat straight from the website.

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