4th Quarter IFTA: How Do I File If I Didn’t Run?

This question is voted Most Popular every IFTA Quarter here at ExpressIFTA.com. If you didn’t run during the quarter, you still need to file an IFTA Return so you keep your IFTA license. The entire process is actually pretty simple, so don’t stress yourself out about it.

The Reason Why
The reason why you need to file even if you did not run is if you hold a valid IFTA license, you must file an IFTA return every quarter to remain compliant.

What To File
Because you did not operate during the quarter, the return you will file will be a little different; it’s call the Zero Return. Good thing is you won’t be filing a different form, just the information you enter will be different. You will simply enter in a “0” instead of an actual mileage count. Easy, right?

Where Can I File My IFTA Return Before The January Deadline?
Great question! You will not find another place to e-file your IFTA that provides amazing customer service and an easy-to-use program other than ExpressIFTA.com. Here is a demo of the process:

 1. Create an account
 2. Enter your business details
 3. Choose your base jurisdiction
 4. Enter vehicle information
 5. Enter the mileage and fuel records
 6. Generate the IFTA Return

When filing your IFTA, you can always call the support pros here at ExpressIFTA with any questions you have. You can cotact us at our Rock Hill SC Heaquarters via phone: 704-234-6005 or email: support@expressifta.com

Another Option
If you dread doing your IFTA filing every quarter, then dread no more my friend. Truck Services of North America can handle all your IFTA filing for you. Plus a million other services to keep you truckin’. Bonus: they take care of everything over the phone. So convenient! Just give them a call at 803.386.0320 and see how they can help take the stress of IFTA filing off your shoulders.

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