4th Quarter IFTA Deadline

The 4th Quarter IFTA deadline is only days away! If you still haven’t filed your IFTA return, don’t stress, you still have time. It’s only a little bit of time, but time nonetheless. There is always a positive way to look at things, and if you haven’t filed your IFTA return, think of it as intense procrastinator training. You know your goal; file your IFTA return before the deadline. You have the tools; ExpressIFTA.com and this blog to guide you. You have the motivation; costly late fees if you file past the deadline. I believe in you. Now let’s get this done!

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Most Common Mistakes

When filing close to the final hours of the deadline, it is very important to avoid making mistakes on your return and in your IFTA records. Here are 3 main mistakes to avoid when filing your IFTA:

1. Not keeping receipts for all your fuel purchases
Your fuel receipts are very important for filing your IFTA and for your records. If you don’t want to have the clutter that paper receipts turn into, you can scan them into your computer and save it as a digital copy. However you store your receipts, you just want to make sure you have them for the years required by your IFTA jurisdiction. If you are ever audited, you will need to have proof of all your fuel purchases.

2. Incomplete trip reports
Recording your miles is basically second nature by now, but mistakes still happen. Don’t forget to record your miles every time you enter/leave a state.

3. Not reporting personal or unloaded miles
Record every mile. If you are under a load, empty, or bobtail, you must record every mile in every state that you drive.

Now that you know a few of the most common mistakes, you will most certainly avoid them now. Take this new knowledge and file your IFTA before the deadline and avoid those penalties. If you do have any questions about filing your IFTA, contact our ExpressIFTA support team via phone: 704-234-6005 or email: support@expressifta.com

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