4 Reasons to Use ExpressIFTA

Will you look at that? The 3rd Quarter IFTA deadline is days away, and you still don’t have a game plan. Well, today is your day! If you didn’t know, there is an IFTA fuel tax reporting software that has all the features you could want to make reporting your fuel taxes a walk in the park.

We’re here to tell you about the top four reasons you should use ExpressIFTA to generate your IFTA reports for 2016!

Well Organized Trip Sheets

Functioning as a trip log for your records, your trip sheet allows you to manage and sort your trips by quarter, total mileage, and fuel type.

With ExpressIFTA, you start by selecting your vehicle, numbering your trip, and inputting the odometer reading at the beginning of the trip. Next, you enter your starting and ending points, along with the corresponding dates, and any information you would like to track – carrier, trailer number, load description.

Simple, Quick Entries

Quick Entries are exactly what they sound like – quick and easy! You simply select your vehicle, and then you can enter your trip details, including state, odometer readings, trip type, fuel purchased, and the assigned driver.

We design our features to make your filing experience all the better!

Upload Everything at Once

When you use ExpressIFA, you can bulk upload your odometer or distance records from an Excel or CSV file with both our Express Upload and Smart Upload features.

With Express Upload, we provide you with a spreadsheet for your distance or odometer records. You just have to follow the onscreen tips and upload the spreadsheet back into our system – with your own information entered, of course.

When you use Smart Upload, you upload your own Excel or CSV template, and our system will format and process it, after your review.

GPS Data Capture

Whether you’re new at filing your IFTA fuel tax, or an old veteran, using your GPS unit to generate your report makes sense. While our software is designed to work with Fleetmatics, we also support many other GPS systems on our back-end – our programmers will just have to pull some strings!

So when you’re ready to create your IFTA report for this quarter, signup (or) login to ExpressIFTA and start reporting your fuel taxes online!

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