3rd Quarter IFTA Filing

3rd Quarter IFTA filingTomorrow is not only October 1st, it’s the beginning of the 3rd Quarter IFTA Filing Period. That’s right, tomorrow you can file your IFTA return and get it all out of the way and not even worry about the October 31st deadline. ExpressIFTA.com is prepped and ready to assist you with e-filing your IFTA return. And to help you be even more prepared for IFTA filing let’s go over everything you will need and a few extra little tid bits…

Here is what you will need:

1. Your mileage
It doesn’t matter how you track your miles, whether it be manual trip sheets, GPS, electronic trip sheets, or however your miles are documented, you will need them in order file your IFTA. It is very important to keep your miles properly documented and organized in case of an audit.

    2. Fuel Receipts
    I know you have been keeping up with all your fuel receipts, right? Well you will need them to know how many gallons of fuel were purchased in each state. And just like you will need your properly documented mileage in-case of an audit, you will also need a record of your receipts.

      3. ExpressIFTA
      Once you have all your mileage and receipts ready to file, you need an IRS authorized e-filing service provider. And aren’t you lucky,you’re already at the best one – ExpressIFTA.com. If you are already reading this blog then you only have to click on the Home tab at the top and get started.

        Extra IFTA Tid Bits
        • You will need have a separate mileage and fuel record for each fuel type.
        • If you travel in New York, Kentucky, New Mexico, or Oregon you will also need to file their Weight Distance Tax Return.
        If you are feeling overwhelmed and confused about IFTA filing…
        IFTA filing isn’t the best stress-reducing activity. We have a full service department with the most helpful processing agents around – Truck Services of North America. They can take care of all your IFTA filing so you are stress free this IFTA quarter and all others after that. Truck Services of North America doesn’t only do IFTA filing, they can take care of all your authorities, fuel/use taxes, permits, registration, and if you are a new O/O they have complete business start up services. They got your back so you can keep on truckin’. Visit their website for more information or simply give them a call at 803.386.0320.

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