3 IFTA Filing Secrets Every Trucker Should Know

Everyone likes a shortcut. I mean, if you had the option between being stuck in a traffic jam for a few hours or taking a few back roads between highways, what would you choose?

Yeah, thought so.

In the same vein, finding shortcuts for reporting your fuel taxes is crucial. Why? Because the last thing you want to do is get stuck with a stack of fuel receipts and no clue where to start on your deadline day.

Here are three ExpressIFTA filing secrets every truck driver should know.

Speed Up Filing with Spreadsheets

How can a spreadsheet speed up your filing? Simply stating it, you can list all of your information in an Excel spreadsheet have your information within ExpressIFTA in a few moments. Just start out by downloading the spreadsheet, filling it out, and selecting the “Express Upload” option. Maybe you already have your own spreadsheet where you maintain your records? Select “Smart Upload” and our tech team will convert your records into our system!

Get Moving with GPS Upload

Do you use a Fleetmatics GPS? Well, good news! You can upload your GPS data directly into ExpressIFTA! If your GPS platform is not available, simply email your GPS report to support@expressifta.com and our team will upload your records into the system. With GPS upload, you will see a preview of your mileage, and you simply have to select import to add it to your fuel report.

Calculate Your IFTA Taxes with the IFTA Calculator App

Want to stay ahead of the curve and plan your IFTA return before that deadline drops? You need to download this app, available for iPad and Android tablets. By calculating your taxes with this app, you won’t be surprised by your tax liability and you’ll know what you owe. Even better, you don’t have to log into anything with this app! You simply need to start importing your mileage and fuel receipt information, select your base jurisdiction, your IFTA quarter and fuel type, enter your miles and fuel purchased for each state traveled, and then hit calculate! Once you have your IFTA summary report, you just email it to yourself (or anyone else who may need it).

When you’re approaching an IFTA deadline, being prepared will make a huge difference. With ExpressIFTA, you know we’ll be here to help you in any way we can. If you have any questions, call us at (704) 234-6005 or shoot us an email.

What are your IFTA filing secrets? Share them in the comments!

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