2290 Pre-Filing has Begun!

2290 Pre-Filing has Begun!
2290 Pre-Filing has Begun!

It’s almost that time of year again. When truckers all over the nation get in a panic, because they have  to file their HVUT 2290s, but have procrastinated until the last minute.

Except for the truckers who pre-file their 2290s over at ExpressTruckTax.

Starting now, you can pre-file your 2290 for the 2016-17 heavy vehicle use tax season. That’s an entire month early!

Time to Pre-File

The HVUT season runs from July 1 through June 30 of the following year.

Whether you’re an owner-operator, leasing company, trucking company, or any other business that operates heavy vehicles with a gross weight above 55,000 pounds traveling on public highways, you must file Form 2290.

Usually, you can’t start filing until the tax period begins on July 1, but we’ve gone ahead and started pre-filing now.

What is Pre-Filing?

If you’re looking for the easiest way to e-file your taxes early, pre-filing is the way to go. By filing an entire month early, you will be able to focus on what matters—driving.

After you pre-file your return, ExpressTruckTax will hold onto it until July 1st. As soon as the IRS opens the “floodgates” and starts accepting 2290s, we’ll put yours at the top of the outbox.

Should I Pre-File? Why?

Even though the tax period for the 2016-17 season technically starts later, pre-filing has begun! With pre-filing, users get advantages that are only accessible during the pre-season. They include:

  • Finishing your taxes early, leaving more time to focus on work and life
  • No additional cost to pre-file
  • When selecting the check or money order option, you will get until August 31st to pay the IRS, giving you almost 3 months to save for the amount of tax you owe
  • Your Form 2290 will be automatically transmitted to the IRS on July 1st, so you will receive your stamped Schedule 1 in minutes once transmitted
  • If the return is rejected for any reason, you have plenty of time to re-submit it before August 31st, making it much easier to avoid late penalties
  • VIN corrections and retransmissions for rejected returns are FREE for anyone who e-files with ExpressTruckTax
  • Customer support is available via phone, live chat, and email in both English and Spanish, with 24/7 emergency email support

If you have any questions about pre-filing your 2290, or have questions about the e-filing process, contact the dedicated support team at ExpressTruckTax for help! They’re always available at 704.234.6005.

Happy pre-filing, trucking nation!

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