What’s the Deal With Illinois IFTA?

What do you know about the International Fuel Tax Agreement? If you’re a seasoned trucker, you probably have this down. But for the newer members of Trucking Nation, we’re going to touch up on the basics before the next quarter rolls around.

First up, ExpressIFTA has made e-filing your IFTA return super easy! But we know you may have some questions, so we’re here to clear those up. We’ll even clear up the confusion with Illinois IFTA filers, too!

What Are the IFTA Basics?

If you’re a new trucker, you might know what IFTA is. For those who don’t, it’s the International Fuel Tax Agreement, and it allows you to travel in participating member jurisdictions without having to keep multiple licenses. This is one of the few times the government did something right, if you ask me!

You receive your IFTA license through your base jurisdiction, which gets you decals for your truck. These decals keep you on the road, but your license needs to be renewed annually in December.

Most importantly, your IFTA license requires you to file a quarterly return that calculates how much fuel tax you either owe or need to be credited back.

How Do I File IFTA in Illinois?

Of course, some base jurisdictions do things differently—these things vary from state to state. For example, truckers with Illinois base jurisdictions need to file using the MyTax Illinois system.

They’ll walk you through the details, so head over to the Illinois Revenue site to find out more!

How Does ExpressIFTA Make Filing Easier?

If you’ve been tracking your mileage properly, then e-filing your IFTA return is going to be easy. Just head over to ExpressIFTA and create a free account.

You won’t have to worry about knowing the tax amount for each state; ExpressIFTA does all that for you in the background.

Once you have your account running, enter in your business and truck information, select your base jurisdiction (that’s your home state), and then enter your miles and fuel purchases! I told you it was easy.

Can I Start My IFTA Now?

Alright, you want to get a head start on your IFTA filing? Well, before the next quarter rolls around go ahead and download the IFTA Fuel Tax Calculator App. Then again, if you want to go further then check out TruckLogics—transportation professional software designed with the feedback of our filers.

With TruckLogics, your record keeping skills get kicked up a notch. You can easily edit and manage all of your IFTA records, generate reports for each quarters, and even record your trip sheets with ProMiles!

TruckLogics is available on both iOS and Android, so go check it out. And we really mean TRY—they do a 15 day free trial!

As always, if you have any questions you can call our awesome support team. They’re located in Rock Hill, S.C. and can provide help in both English and Spanish! Give us a call at 704.234.6005!

Are you ready for the next IFTA quarter? Let us know!

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