Trucker Hacks: Dealing With A Bad Day

It’s past the 4th Quarter IFTA deadline and the crew here at ExpressIFTA have been putting together some interesting hacks provided from truckers all across the nation on how to deal with certain situations that make a bad day.

Sometimes the powers of the universe unite and rain down a whole lot of awful on a seemingly lovely day. A bad day always begins with something small and then, all of the sudden, everything starts to go wrong. For a trucker, a bad day can take quite a toll on your body and mind; especially when that bad day transforms into a bad week.

I’m here to let you know that being a trucker actually gives you an advantage to dealing with bad days; it’s just how you look at the situation…

When the traffic jam caused by rubberneckers makes you late 
First, accept you will be late and take a deep breath. Then admire your surrounding instead of resenting what is happening around you. If you are one to write down your thoughts, then you could start a book of crazy things you see in a traffic jam, or create your own theory of the effects of rubberneckers; it could make you famous.

When a four-wheeler thinks it is ok to brake check you
For this one, when you feel that anger building inside you, just breathe. If breathing just isn’t working and you feel like doing something rash, remind yourself that people get what they give in this world. Create a little mantra to chant, and keep truck’n my friend. Happier times are always on the road ahead.

Bad Weather
Bad weather is notorious for creating bad moods, right? You’re already a little stressed because most people don’t drive very intelligently around semi-trucks in bad weather, and you have to make it to the unloading dock on time only to be told you have to wait for an hour or so. It just doesn’t seem like a silver lining could exist on bad weather days, but one always does. When you have to drive in bad weather, think of it as time you get to test and improve your expert driving skills. Not everyone can do what you do, especially if the weather decides to go crazy. Bad weather is your time to keep calm and give you some epic stories to exchange at the truck stop.

Something is wrong with your truck and you have to pull over and wait for the mechanic
This is a common situation in the Trucking Nation. I actually met a trucker who had a specific list of things to do when this happens to keep him in good spirits. He said this type of situation would make him madder than a hornet and he had to create something to do to keep his blood pressure down. Here is his – How To De-Stress When Waiting On The Side Of The Road List:
1. Call the wife (or someone to let them know where you are)
2. Inspect your truck and put out any needed caution signs.
3. Update your log book – it’s not like you don’t have the time.
4. Clean your cab – a clean cab is a happy cab
5. Learn a new craft and practice until the mechanic shows up.
                 New Craft Ideas – origami, crotchet, draw a happy tree with his happy bush friends like Bob Ross, test the trucker workouts on, take some artistic photos and start your own On The Side of The Road Scrapbook.

Basically, if you’re stuck on the side of the road, you want to keep your mind busy so time just flies on by.

Dealing with a bad day as a trucker can have its challenges. But when you learn how to turn one bad situation into a positive one, your bad days will be few and far between. Remember a silver lining can always be found, you just might have to search a little more sometimes. The fastest way to turn a bad day into the best day ever is knowing how much you are appreciated for your work. Thank you truckers for everything you thanklessly do. Everyone here at ExpressIFTA truly appreciates you.

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