Honestly, you can never ask enough questions when it comes to filing your IFTA return. For your 1st Quarter IFTA Deadline (which is April 30th!) I have put together the top 5 questions asked about IFTA filing…

1) Do I file a quarterly fuel tax return if I didn’t run during the quarter?
Yes, you still need to file a quarterly fuel tax return even if you did not operate during the IFTA quarter. If you hold an IFTA license you must file every quarter for your license to remain valid. You will simply file a “Zero Miles Report.” To do so, generate an IFTA return without entering any mileage or fuel data onto the form. You will see on the IFTA Return Option page and option for you to select “NO” for no operation.

2) Can I file an IFTA return online after the due date for the reporting period? 
You can generate your IFTA return with after the due date, but I would strongly recommend you not to. The penalties are extremely costly and could really set you back, even shut you down until it’s all taken care of. Check out my blog I wrote on IFTA penalties.

3) If I make a mistake on my IFTA return, can I correct it?
Mistakes happen, we’re only human. You can amend a previously filed return at no extra cost with If you discover an error, all you have to do is go back into your ExpressIFTA account and open the originally generated return that is in question. All fields can be corrected.

4) Why has my IFTA License been revoked?
If you do not comply with provisions of the IFTA Agreement, your base jurisdiction may revoke your IFTA license. Your base jurisdiction may take this action if you do not:

  • Comply with all provisions of the IFTA Agreement and your respective base jurisdiction fuel tax laws and regulations
  • File a quarterly fuel tax report
  • Pay all taxes due to all member jurisdictions
  • Pay the amount due on an audit billing or fail to petition for reconsideration within the established time period
  • Operate interstate
5) Are there penalties for travelling without valid IFTA credentials or a fuel trip permit?
Fines, penalties, and citations will be issued if you travel into a state without valid IFTA credentials, or a temporary trip permit. These range from $100 to $500 and may also call for vehicle seizure in which you would be required to pay additional costs. You will also be required to purchase a temporary permit before operating within the state. 
If you have any questions that you can’t find an answer to when it comes to e-filing your IFTA return with ExpressIFTA, give us a call. Our US-based support team can be contacted via phone: 704-234-6005 email:

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