The Minimalist’s Guide to Trucking

When you’re out there on the long haul, little things can add up.

What may start as one burger wrapper tossed aside could become a stack of receipts, discarded soft drink bottles, and some old shirts with a weird smell.

Let’s not let that happen. Not only are messy trucks a safety and health concern, it’s better for your mental well being to have a neat, organized living and working space.

Instead of letting your cab get crowded, follow these tips for a minimalist approach to trucking.

The Perfect Job

Well, first of all—living a more minimalist life is pretty easy as an OTR trucker.

Instead of being tied down to one location, you live your life on the highway. Your rig is your home, so you carry your possessions with you.

You can spend all day taking in the sights, whistling your favorite tunes, and sampling cuisine in any state you park in.

But you can also end up with a cluttered rig. What should you do?

Reduce Your Clutter

We know a lot of truckers live their lives OTR, which means stocking up on goods and supplies for the journey. But how can you reduce clutter in your cab?

  • Organize: Instead of having a disorganized truck, take the time to have everything in its right place. 
  • Mobilize: Want to watch a movie, listen to music, or read a book? There are plenty of mobile services for entertainment, and streamlining your options will save you precious space in your truck!
  • Digitize: Tired of those gas receipts? Digitize your fuel receipts, invoices, and trip sheets! Try a trucking professional management system like TruckLogics
  • Prioritize: What’s the most important part of your livelihood to you? Sure, staying entertained is important—and all sorts of doodads might help, but they can also be distracting. 

Find Some “Me Time”

Sure, you need to work the grind to pay the bills—but make sure you’re paying those bills so you still have time for yourself.

Your truck might feel cluttered because you’re stuck in it most of the week.

By making sure you spend time with family, friends, or even by yourself, you will realize you have the whole world open to you.

Head in the Cloud

Instead of lugging around a filing cabinet full of fuel receipts, tax records, and invoices, look into cloud-based software solutions.

With the IFTA deadline right around the corner, using a cloud-based service like ExpressIFTA will free up your filing time.

Then you can get back to the life of a wandering road warrior.

What are your tips for simplifying your life as a trucker? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter!

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