4 Simple IFTA Filing Hacks

As March rolls to a close, it’s time to look around and see what is coming over the horizon.

Yup, you know it’s approaching—that 1st Quarter IFTA deadline!

Since April 30th falls on the weekend, your IFTA deadline is May 2nd! Hey, at least you have a few extra days to figure it out.

But what can you do going into fuel tax reporting to make the whole thing easier?

Don’t Wait, Start Early!

What’s your best approach to filing your IFTA return? Well, preparation is everything, Trucking Nation!

Before the IFTA quarter deadline rolls around, start planning your attack! -insert tax preparation montage set to an awesome tune-

First, go download the IFTA Fuel Tax Calculator app, available on both the App Store and Google Play. Calculate your fuel tax in a few seconds from your tablet in the quickest and most convenient way.

By using this app, you can figure out what you’re gonna owe. Of course, go further and get organized early on!

Keep Your Record Straight With Trip Sheets

Get organized, and stay organized! By organizing early on, you will be able to get through your fuel tax reporting even faster.

And think about it, recordkeeping is essential. With strong recordkeeping, you can get ahead on your filing, and forget your tax woes.

With TruckLogics, you can access your IFTA records anywhere, generate IFTA reports each quarter from trip sheets that can be both emailed and printed, and use ProMiles to automatically record the most precise mileage for your trip sheets.

Technology Is Your Friend

Use technology to your advantage! We know some truckers like to stay far away from newer tech, but if you’re here reading this—we know you you’re open to it.

Come on—you get around with GPS, why not use GPS records to calculate your IFTA miles?

In fact, taking advantage of cloud-based filing software is THE best way to tackle IFTA.

The Best Way to File Is With ExpressIFTA

What’s the best way to generate your IFTA return? Well, with ExpressIFTA.

What makes it the best way to file? First, creating an account is FREE! You only need to pay when you complete your return.

When it comes to features, ExpressIFTA makes it best.

You just enter your business details, select your base jurisdiction, and add your vehicle and driver details. After that, add your distance and fuel records!

With trip sheet data entry, quick entries, and GPS upload, ExpressIFTA has you covered

After adding all of your distance and fuel records, you just generate your IFTA return!

As always, we’ll be here to help you with your IFTA return if you run into any issues using ExpressIFTA! Just give us a call at (704)234-6005 and we’ll talk!

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