3 Things You Need to Know About The IFTA License Renewal Deadline

Trucker at truck stop renewing his ifta license for 2020

It’s time to renew your IFTA license for 2020! The deadline to file for IFTA license renewal is December 31st.

You need to have an updated IFTA license in your cab and stickers on your truck in order to be compliant going into the new year.

What you need to know about IFTA license renewal

1. Your IFTA jurisdiction should have already sent out IFTA renewal packets to you.

In some jurisdictions, this packet will come physically in the mail, and in other jurisdictions, the packet will come to your email.

In either case, you should be able to apply for IFTA renewal online. If you have not received an IFTA renewal packet from your jurisdiction, it is still your responsibility to file for renewal by December 31st.

2. All of your quarterly IFTA taxes for 2019 need to be filed before you can be eligible for IFTA license renewal. This is a good reason to get ahead of the curve on filing for this quarter.

For quarterly IFTA taxes, ExpressIFTA is the easiest e-filing solution. We do all the hard work and calculations for you. Give us a try today!

3. Some states have a grace period for displaying your new IFTA decals. However, you still need to able to show proof that you have filed for IFTA license renewal by the December 31st deadline.

Trucker on bridge renewing his ifta license for 2020

How to make IFTA easier in 2020

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