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Monday, March 7, 2016

1st Quarter IFTA Tips: Taxable & Non-Taxable Miles

Whoa, is it March already? How’d that happen? Not only is March the month of basketball Mid-America Trucking Show, it is also the end of IFTA’s 1st Quarter.
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So as IFTA’s 1st Quarter dwindles down, we figure we could run you some of the hints, tips, and tricks that make IFTA filing a bit easier. Buckle up, Trucking Nation, and let’s head down the IFTA filing highway.

Get a Head Start on IFTA Filing

Why wait until April 30th, the IFTA deadline, to start getting your miles in order? If you spend a few minutes every day working on your trip sheets, you won’t have to rip your hair out come deadline day. Also, try keeping your previous IFTA records in a safe, easy to access place within your base jurisdiction so that you don’t need to worry in case you are on the receiving end of an IFTA audit firing squad.

What are non-taxable IFTA miles?

First of all, fuel trip permit miles are not taxable miles. When you fill out your IFTA return, you need to include fuel permit miles in the total miles section on the return. You don't need to include the miles in the taxable miles for the jurisdiction that issued the permit.

So where does that leave us with toll roads? Haven’t I already paid for those? Well, no. Toll miles are taxable, since toll fees are not fuel taxes. The fees are exchanged for access to that road, but you most likely have other road options available to you. So it looks like you’re stuck with those miles.

So What Are Exempt Miles?

Exempt miles are used to calculate your miles per gallon (MPG), but are not used in calculating the taxable gallons. When filling out your IFTA return, you will see the total miles and the total taxable miles which will include the calculation of the exempted miles.

The Advantage of Trucking Apps

Want to calculate your IFTA tax before the filing deadline? Download our IFTA Tax Calculator App free from the App Store or Google Play store, and you won’t head into the deadline blindsided. Maybe you want a bit more automation for IFTA? Check out TruckLogics, the premier cloud-based trucking management software for transportation professionals.

Overall, you still have time before you need to file your IFTA return. So stay organized, go in with a plan, and don’t be afraid to get help! If you do need help, call us at 704.234.6005 and our dedicated customer support team will answer your filing questions!

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