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Monday, November 23, 2015

A Trucker's Thanksgiving

Welcome back, Trucking Nation! With Thanksgiving being almost upon us, we here at ExpressIFTA would like to take a moment and thank each and every one of you for your hard work, dedication, and sacrifice, and throw out some ideas to those of you who’ll be on the road this Thanksgiving Day.

Our Thanks to You

First off, and most importantly, we’re so very grateful for all the truckers, trucking companies, and their employees for keeping our country moving. Without you, so many of the goods we usually take for granted wouldn’t be available to us. Construction projects couldn’t be completed without the necessary materials, diesel and gasoline wouldn’t be readily accessible, even food would be hard to come by. You sacrifice so much, s
uch as being away from your families. So from the bottom of our hearts, thank you, Trucking Nation.

One of those big sacrifices may be that you are on the road during Thanksgiving. There’s a huge demand for transport during the holiday season, especially as Black Friday has become so popular in recent years. But that doesn’t mean you have to skip Thanksgiving. There are plenty of ways to celebrate Turkey Day even if it’s just you.

Choices, Choices…..

Many restaurants prepare Thanksgiving meals for those who can’t be home during the holiday as well as for those who prefer to eat out that day. Why not let someone else cook your holiday meal? A nice side benefit: no dirty dishes to clean!

Some trucks stop restaurants even offer free Thanksgiving meals for truckers. Usually all you have to do is show your CDL.

Or let’s say you want to cook your own holiday meal to bring a little bit of home with you on the road, or just because you like to cook. Whatever your reason, the array of appliances available today that run on 12V make it possible to have Thanksgiving right in your rig. You can cook a turkey breast in a slow cooker, cook stuffing and/or vegetables in a portable stove, and save the leftovers in a travel fridge/cooler. You can even have a microwave in your cab to heat up those leftovers later on.

It can be tough being on the road for Thanksgiving. Hopefully one of these ideas will make it a little bit easier for you.

And again, we can’t fully express our gratitude to you, Trucking Nation. But, for all you do, thank you!

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