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Friday, August 7, 2015

IFTA News Update

With the 2nd quarter filing period in the books, you’re probably thinking that you won’t have to worry about fuel taxes for a little while. Well, we hate to be the ones to burst your bubble, but that’s not quite the case!

Many states have decided to raise their fuel tax rate, and several others have recently changed their IFTA filing methods. Take a look below to see what’s new, and how it will affect your future IFTA filings.

News Updates

Fuel Tax Increases

For many states, tax rates are constantly changing, and that trend has continued so far in 2015. Since the start of the year, seven different states have passed bills to increase fuel tax, including Idaho, Maryland, Georgia, Rhode Island, Nebraska, Michigan, and most recently Washington State.

If you don’t travel through or operate in any of those states, don’t worry, you’re state could be next. Many other states and even some Canadian provinces are currently considering a spike in fuel taxes.

The tax increases are as follows:
  • Idaho: $.07
  • Maryland: $.035
  • Georgia: $.07
  • Rhode Island: $.01
  • Nebraska: $.005
  • Michigan: $.04, will increase another $.04 on Jan. 1 2016, and another $.07 Jan. 1 2017
  • Washington: $.07, will increase another $.049 cents next summer
New IFTA E-file Policy

Ohio and Michigan have recently changed the way IFTA license holders must file. Previously, the two states followed the same system used by the rest of the country, which made it mandatory to physically mail in a report. Now, the state has become the first to make it mandatory to e-file your report. Several other states now also offer online filing systems, but none that have been made mandatory yet.

If you’re wondering if you can still use ExpressIFTA if your state requires electronic filing, no worries, you absolutely can. All you’ll need to do is generate a report with us like you normally do, then upload it into the e-filing system for your state. Because let’s face it, no one wants to have to do all those complex calculations on their own, and that’s where we come in.

New Barcode Policy:

Starting this year, the state of Colorado also made some changes to their IFTA filing process. The state added a new barcode system, which all reports generated and submitted to the state must have. Returns and reports submitted without the mandatory barcode will no longer be accepted.

Luckily for you, we have updated our system to reflect this new barcode policy, so you can still generate your report with ExpressIFTA!

If you have any questions about these new policies or about IFTA in general, don’t hesitate to contact our US-based support team. You can reach us by phone at 704.234.6005, email us at, or live chat with us directly from our website.

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