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Friday, May 29, 2015

ExpressIFTA Report Generator Features

You’ve still got plenty of time before the next quarterly IFTA deadline, but there’s no such thing as being too prepared. At ExpressIFTA, we have tons of great features to help you prepare, stay organized, and save time come tax season.

Through our “Reports” tab, you can to view every aspect of your IFTA return all in one place. The report generator allows you to create up to date:

Fuel Tax Summary Reports:

The Fuel Tax Summary Report shows details including:
  • Miles driven
  • Fuel purchased
  • Amount of fuel tax due to your base state at any time
This report can be generated for a specific business as well as for a specific quarter. It will also let you know if you are on track to owe taxes or receive a tax credit at the end of the quarter.


Monthly and Quarterly Mileage Reports:

The Monthly and Quarterly Mileage Summary Report lists all miles driven on both a monthly and quarterly basis. With this you can break down your quarterly IFTA return by business or quarter, and you can also also view the start and end dates of each quarter. Once you generate a report, the system will automatically create a report each month that includes your entire quarterly mileage summary.

Annual Mileage Reports:

Generate an Annual Mileage Report to view the annual mileage for each of your vehicles, or drivers, in a given year. You can filter the report by business, quarter, or base jurisdiction, and the report will also generate a report with your mileage driven in each state.

Fuel Summary Reports:

Your Fuel Summary Report gives you a detailed list of member jurisdictions, fuel types purchased, and the total mileage for any specific time period of your choosing. Your Fuel Report will give you a detailed list of fuel purchases for any period of your choosing, and can easily be filtered by business name and quarter. This report also allows you to break down fuel purchases by truck number, state, fuel type, total fuel in gallons, and fuel receipts.

So if you hate keeping messy receipts and paper records of all your relevant IFTA information, give ExpressIFTA a try and see how much easier our report generator makes staying organized.

If you have questions about any of our services or need help using ExpressIFTA, email us at or give us a call at 704.234.6005, and our technical support experts will be happy to assist.

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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Summer's Hottest Trucking Apps

Warm weather and the busy tax season are both rapidly approaching, and we’ve got a slew of hot trucking applications to help you with anything and everything you could possibly need.

If you aren’t already familiar with all of these applications, there’s no better time than now to familiarize yourself, since both the beginning of HVUT season and the second quarter IFTA deadline are right around the corner.

Here’s a list of the best apps to save you time and money this summer:

IFTA Tax Calculator: Apple and Google Play

  • Automatically calculate your quarterly IFTA tax by entering your base jurisdiction, fuel type, as well as the fuel purchased and miles traveled in each state 
  • After inputting all of the necessary information, the application will automatically generate you a custom tax report summary 
  • The tax report summary contains all of the information you entered, and most importantly the tax amount that is either due or that will be credited to you. This report can then be emailed for record keeping purposes or to help you file your quarterly IFTA return 
Form 2290 Tax Calculator: Apple, Google Play, and website

  • Use the Form 2290 Tax Calculator to automatically calculate your heavy vehicle use tax after inputting your information. Simply select your first use month and taxable weight category for each vehicle, and the app will automatically calculate the amount you owe for your heavy vehicle usage tax 
  • Once you have completed inputting your information and your tax amount has been calculated, you can email the calculations and use them to begin filing your 2290 
ExpressTruckTax: Apple, Google Play, and website

  • ExpressTruckTax is the easiest way to file your 2290 from your electronic device in just minutes, allowing you to E-file like never before 
  • To begin E-filing today, you’ll need to enter some information including your business name, business address, EIN (employer identification number), VIN (vehicle identification number), and the gross vehicle weight of each of your trucks. After you have entered all of your information you are ready to transmit your return to the IRS 
  • After your return has been transmitted, within about 15 minutes we will let you know the status of your return, and notify you whether it was accepted or rejected by the IRS. For returns that are rejected, we will also notify you of the reason for rejection, and the ExpressTruckTax team will even help you to sort out and solve the issue. Resubmitting with ExpressTruckTax after a failed return is always free
  • Once your return is accepted, the stamped copy of your Schedule 1 is emailed to you immediately. The stamped Schedule 1 is always available for download in your dashboard, so that you can print or email it as many times as you need 
FMCSA Rules and Regulations: Apple and Google Play

  • This handy application contains the guide for the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, with the FMCSA rules and regulations. The app even lets you search through its database for keywords or categories, effectively ending the days of flipping page after page to find what you need 
  • Through the “Fuel Dog” feature, you can search for the best diesel fuel rates (within a specified distance) around you. The app when prompted will automatically search thousands of truck stops across the nation, and show you the ones with the best rates that are closest to you by using your GPS signal 
  • The app also features a “Trucker Jobs” section, that shows trucker jobs around the country and will even provide you with a direct link to the hiring webpage. This section can also be customized to show jobs within a specific distance of your zip code or current location, as well as jobs with specific carriers 
If you need any assistance or have any questions about the IFTA Tax Calculator, Form 2290 Tax Calculator, or ExpressTruckTax application, contact our US-based support team. You can contact us by phone at 704.234.6005, by email at, or via live chat through our website.

All of these apps can be downloaded for free from both the Apple Store and Google Play Store. The ExpressTruckTax and Form 2290 Tax Calculator programs can also be accessed through any web browser.

In addition to all of these great apps we’ve discussed to help save you time and money during the tax season, we also have another way to help you out this summer. Through ExpressTruckTax, we are offering you a chance to win a $50 fuel card just for liking our Facebook page. Thats right, were actually offering a chance to win a $50 fuel card just for taking a few seconds to like us on Facebook. For more information on the contest, or to like us and enter, check out our blog post here.
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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Salute to National Transportation Week

It’s that time of the year again, and we are currently in the midst of National Transportation Week, hosted by the National Defense Transportation Administration. Every year, the American economy relies on transportation networks in order for us to sustain our way of life, and it’s during this week that we pause to show our appreciation to those of you that keep this essential industry both moving forward and safe.

This year’s theme is Veterans in Transportation - Still Serving America! The theme is meant to emphasize current and past contributions of our military heroes in the transportation industry. The industry as a whole has a large number of former and active veterans, and the NDTA would like to recognize them for using their skills to help move America forward in more ways than one.

Every year during National Transportation Week, one day is dedicated specifically to recognizing the men and women working in the transportation industry that also contribute to the defense of our great nation. Since 1957, the president has mandated that National Defense Transportation Day fall on the third Friday of the month during NTW, and this year President Obama has officially designated May 15, 2015 as that day.

So far, 2015 has been great to the transportation industry, and over the past year the trucking business has taken monumental bounds that many thought to be impossible. Let's take a look at the past year in trucking:

  • Trucking Related Industries Reach Nearly 7 Million Employees: Employees of trucking related companies have reached an all-time high, with over 6.9 employees. That equates to one out of every 16 workers in the entire country!
  • Trucking Industry Revenue Tops $700 Billion: For the first time ever, the trucking industry reached over $700 billion in revenue. For the 2014 year, the industry recorded approximately $700.4 billion in revenue, the highest such mark in history, and an increase of 2.4 percent from 2013. 
  • The Average Combination Truck Traveled 69,000 Miles: That’s right, the average combination truck in the United States traveled over 69,000 miles last year. Now that's a lot of driving!
  • Trucks Moved a Total of 9.96 billion Tons of Freight: The total amount of freight transported by trucks in the United States in 2014 was an astounding 9.96 billion tons. That’s over 19 trillion pounds!
  • The First Autonomous Freight Truck Was Introduced: Just a few short months ago, the first autonomous truck was introduced, and has already been deemed street legal in Nevada. The truck is expected to help reduce trucking accidents, mitigate driver fatigue, and even reduce carbon dioxide emissions by up to 5 percent. To see the truck in action check out the video below!

So as you can see, truckers really do move America. Without all of your contributions, dedication, and hard work, our economy would come to a standstill. So a special thanks for all that you do, and enjoy your well-deserved week of celebration!

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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

IFTA | Reefer Fuel

I'm a big believer in being prepared for everything and I've learned truckers are the same way. You never know what can happen so it's always best to be prepared for anything, including your 2nd Quarter IFTA filing. When it comes to IFTA filing, you can never be too prepared and the learning never ends. The rules governing IFTA are a bit lengthy and every single state is different, but don't let that stress you out. IFTA is a lot easier when it is broken down, so let's go over Reefer Fuel and why it's not included in IFTA filing and how you could receive a Federal Tax Refund for Reefer Fuel...

IFTA & Reefer Fuel
When filing your IFTA return, you will not include reefer fuel. The reasoning is because reefer fuel is used to power the refrigeration unit of the trailer and not the truck itself, so it must be listed on a separate fuel receipt. Having the reefer fuel separated from the fuel for your power unit makes it a lot easier when filing for your federal tax refund, but we will get to that shortly. 

Reefer Fueling
You always want to pump your reefer fuel on a separate fuel receipt than the fuel used for your power unit. If your reefer fuel is combined on the same receipt as your power unit, it can lower your mpg and cost you more IFTA fuel tax. If you are selected for an IFTA Audit, and it is discovered that you combined reefer fuel into your power unit fuel you will be penalized and incur added interest on your audit. 

Federal Tax Refund for Reefer Fuel
You can receive a federal tax paid refund on each gallon of reefer fuel. To receive your refund all you will need to do is total the amount of reefer fuel purchased during the tax year (in gallons), and then complete the refund form. You can even claim a credit for the past 3 years if you have failed to file this refund. Because each one is different, you will need to contact your base jurisdiction for more information on claiming the Reefer Fuel Tax Credit. 

In Utah, for example, you must attach receipt copies or a schedule to document all fuel dispensed into the reefer unit. Include the receipt date and number, vendor, city and state where fuel was dispensed, gallons dispensed and the total purchase price. 

So if you are operating an IFTA "Qualified Motor Vehicle" with a reefer unit, make sure to have the reefer fuel on a separate fuel receipt and don't include reefer fuel on your IFTA return. 

For more easy IFTA information, check out my blogs:

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