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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

IFTA Records: What You Need To Keep

The 4th Quarter IFTA Deadline is coming up quick! The team at want to remind you the deadline to have your IFTA return filed is the end of January. If you haven't, why don't we go ahead and get logged into your ExpressIFTA account so you can e-file your 4th Quarter IFTA right now and get it out of the way - it will only take a second.

Ok, if you already have gotten your 4th Quarter IFTA filing out of the way, you may be wondering - How long do I need to hold on to my IFTA Records? Well you have come to the right blog my trucking friend. I have the answer and even the requirements for IRP. It's just what I do ;)

Retention Requirements for IFTA
You probably won't enjoy this little fact: IFTA record retention requirements depend on your state. Life just got a lot more fun! Joking aside, it really doesn't make finding this information you seek difficult. If you want the legit requirements, you can just give your state jurisdiction office a call and they will be more than capable of letting you know exactly how long you need to hold on to your IFTA records. The general rule is four years, and the records support the information accurately reported on your fuel tax returns.

Retention Requirements for IRP
Guess what? IRP requiremets are state specific too! No big surprise there, but it's easy to just give your state jurisdiction a call and they will be able answer you. There is a general rule of three years for IRP records, but if you keep your IFTA records for four years, I would think you would hold onto your IRP records for four years too. Just a thought.

There is a purpose to filing away your IRP records: Audits. If you are ever audited, and it could happen because IFTA is required to audit 3% of its license holders every year. So, really it could happen to anyone.

What your IRP & IFTA Documents Need To Have
If you are ever audited, it is important to have the right information on your documents. For both IRP and IFTA records, the vehicle mileage and fuel trip reports need to have:

  • Registrant's name
  • Vehicle fleet number
  • Unit number or VIN
  • Date of trip (start & end)
  • Trip origin and destination
  • Mileage by state/province
  • Total trip miles
  • Routes of travel and/or state line odometer readings
  • Beginning and ending odometer or hub odometer readings

You will never fear an audit when you know that you have held onto all the required records and they have all the required information. Bring it on - will be your thought if you are ever selected as part of that 3%. For more information about IFTA requirements, check out of more of my blogs:

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