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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

4th Quarter IFTA Deadline

The 4th Quarter IFTA deadline is only days away! If you still haven't filed your IFTA return, don't stress, you still have time. It's only a little bit of time, but time nonetheless. There is always a positive way to look at things, and if you haven't filed your IFTA return, think of it as intense procrastinator training. You know your goal; file your IFTA return before the deadline. You have the tools; and this blog to guide you. You have the motivation; costly late fees if you file past the deadline. I believe in you. Now let's get this done!

To know exactly how ExpressIFTA works, check out this overview of the process


Most Common Mistakes

When filing close to the final hours of the deadline, it is very important to avoid making mistakes on your return and in your IFTA records. Here are 3 main mistakes to avoid when filing your IFTA:

1. Not keeping receipts for all your fuel purchases
Your fuel receipts are very important for filing your IFTA and for your records. If you don't want to have the clutter that paper receipts turn into, you can scan them into your computer and save it as a digital copy. However you store your receipts, you just want to make sure you have them for the years required by your IFTA jurisdiction. If you are ever audited, you will need to have proof of all your fuel purchases.

2. Incomplete trip reports
Recording your miles is basically second nature by now, but mistakes still happen. Don't forget to record your miles every time you enter/leave a state.

3. Not reporting personal or unloaded miles
Record every mile. If you are under a load, empty, or bobtail, you must record every mile in every state that you drive.

Now that you know a few of the most common mistakes, you will most certainly avoid them now. Take this new knowledge and file your IFTA before the deadline and avoid those penalties. If you do have any questions about filing your IFTA, contact our ExpressIFTA support team via phone: 704-234-6005 or email:

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Thursday, January 22, 2015

4th Quarter IFTA: Late Filing Penalties

If you are planning to wait until the last minute to file your 4th Quarter IFTA return, let me offer you some advice; Don't Do It. 

Waiting until the last possible second is the best way to get hit with late filing penalties. For a little added shock value, I'm going to tell you exactly what you will face when you file past the deadline. Now it might not seem that bad at first, but if you are continuously late on filing your IFTA return, it can really add up. You work too hard to let all your hard earned money go to late penalties.

Let me paint this Late Filing Fees picture for you.

IFTA Penalties
I'm going to quote the IFTA Legislation for this one:

A penalty of $50.00, or 10% of the net tax liability (whichever is greater), will be assessed on late filed reports, failure to file, or for underpayment of tax due. If the net liability is zero, or a credit, the late filing penalty will still be $50.00. To avoid penalties for late filing, the tax reports must be postmarked no later than midnight on the date indicated. If the last day of the month falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or legal holiday, the next business day will be considered the deadline date. 

Basically, you are looking at a penalty of $50 for filing late. More penalties can be added the longer you wait to file. It is very important to file on time so you don't lose your IFTA license.

Penalty On Late Tax Payment
Now there isn't just the late filing penalty, there is also a penalty on any late tax due to each state jurisdiction you travelled.

An interest rate of .4167% will be added to the late tax due to each state jurisdiction you travelled every month until it is paid. If you have a net refund, this interest rate will still be applied for all states and is calculated beginning the day after the due date of the return.

Filing past the deadline creates a whole tornado of trouble for you and can even cause you to lose your IFTA license. provides everything you need to get your 4th Quarter IFTA return filed and off your To Do List.

When You Want Someone Else To File On Your Behalf
If IFTA filing is just something you don't want to deal with anymore, we have a full service department that is exactly what you need. Truck Services of North America is a premier processing agency that can take care of all your IFTA filing for you; bonus- it's all over the phone. Just give them a call and I'm certain they can make your life a lot easier. Their contact number is 803-386-0320 or you can send them an email:

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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

What You Need To File A 4th Quarter IFTA Return

You have come seeking answsers to what is needed to file your 4th Quarter IFTA Return. To find these answers you will first - continue reading this blog. Second - you will complete the path to IFTA knowledge as many IFTA filers have done before you. Your journey is now beginning, the following steps will guide you to becoming the IFTA Filing Ninja you were always meant to be...

 1. Breathe & Focus
Take a deep breath, thinking to much about IFTA filing will cause unwanted stress. Stress leads to unfinished forms, and unfinished forms leads to late penalties and darkness.

 2. Prepare For Filing
 You will need 3 key items to complete your filing journey and acheive the coveted IFTA Filing Ninja status. 

      - Your mileage
         You will need to enter your mileage for months October - December. You can manually enter your mileage, upload it from a separate file, or upload it from your e-log. 
      - Fuel Receipts
        Your fuel receipts document how many gallons of fuel you purchased in each state. You will need to keep a record of all your fuel receipts in case you are audited. Don't fear the IFTA Audit, be prepared for it. It can happen to anyone. Find out more about this in my IFTA Audit Preparation blog.

        The final key to reaching IFTA greatness, is generating your return with This program is the uniting element you need to input your mileage and fuel receipt information. Once the information is entered, ExpressIFTA will present you with a summary. On this summary page you will find a detailed overview of your Return. When you reach this point, don't let your eagerness to finish fool you. Take a moment and look at your information; only then you will be able to move on to the final stage.

3. Acheive IFTA Filing Greatness
You have aquired all three items needed to file your IFTA return. Now you will enter the final stage to becoming an IFTA Filing Ninja. The final stage is generating your return. When you are certain your information is correct, you will feel a transference of energy in your hand that will move your mouse over the Generate Return button on the screen. Then with a single click your filing journey will end. Then you, young apprentince, will have earned the title of IFTA Filing Ninja. 

Beleive in your skills and acheive IFTA Filing Greatness every quarter.

If you do ever lose your way on the IFTA Filing path, our ExpressIFTA Support Professionals are always available to assist you. Contact the ExpressIFTA headquarters in Rock Hill, SC via phone: 704-234-6005 or email:

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Thursday, January 15, 2015

4th Quarter IFTA: How Do I File If I Didn't Run?

This question is voted Most Popular every IFTA Quarter here at If you didn't run during the quarter, you still need to file an IFTA Return so you keep your IFTA license. The entire process is actually pretty simple, so don't stress yourself out about it.

The Reason Why
The reason why you need to file even if you did not run is if you hold a valid IFTA license, you must file an IFTA return every quarter to remain compliant.

What To File
Because you did not operate during the quarter, the return you will file will be a little different; it's call the Zero Return. Good thing is you won't be filing a different form, just the information you enter will be different. You will simply enter in a "0" instead of an actual mileage count. Easy, right?

Where Can I File My IFTA Return Before The January Deadline?
Great question! You will not find another place to e-file your IFTA that provides amazing customer service and an easy-to-use program other than Here is a demo of the process:

 1. Create an account
 2. Enter your business details
 3. Choose your base jurisdiction
 4. Enter vehicle information
 5. Enter the mileage and fuel records
 6. Generate the IFTA Return

When filing your IFTA, you can always call the support pros here at ExpressIFTA with any questions you have. You can cotact us at our Rock Hill SC Heaquarters via phone: 704-234-6005 or email:

Another Option
If you dread doing your IFTA filing every quarter, then dread no more my friend. Truck Services of North America can handle all your IFTA filing for you. Plus a million other services to keep you truckin'. Bonus: they take care of everything over the phone. So convenient! Just give them a call at 803.386.0320 and see how they can help take the stress of IFTA filing off your shoulders.

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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

IFTA Records: What You Need To Keep

The 4th Quarter IFTA Deadline is coming up quick! The team at want to remind you the deadline to have your IFTA return filed is the end of January. If you haven't, why don't we go ahead and get logged into your ExpressIFTA account so you can e-file your 4th Quarter IFTA right now and get it out of the way - it will only take a second.

Ok, if you already have gotten your 4th Quarter IFTA filing out of the way, you may be wondering - How long do I need to hold on to my IFTA Records? Well you have come to the right blog my trucking friend. I have the answer and even the requirements for IRP. It's just what I do ;)

Retention Requirements for IFTA
You probably won't enjoy this little fact: IFTA record retention requirements depend on your state. Life just got a lot more fun! Joking aside, it really doesn't make finding this information you seek difficult. If you want the legit requirements, you can just give your state jurisdiction office a call and they will be more than capable of letting you know exactly how long you need to hold on to your IFTA records. The general rule is four years, and the records support the information accurately reported on your fuel tax returns.

Retention Requirements for IRP
Guess what? IRP requiremets are state specific too! No big surprise there, but it's easy to just give your state jurisdiction a call and they will be able answer you. There is a general rule of three years for IRP records, but if you keep your IFTA records for four years, I would think you would hold onto your IRP records for four years too. Just a thought.

There is a purpose to filing away your IRP records: Audits. If you are ever audited, and it could happen because IFTA is required to audit 3% of its license holders every year. So, really it could happen to anyone.

What your IRP & IFTA Documents Need To Have
If you are ever audited, it is important to have the right information on your documents. For both IRP and IFTA records, the vehicle mileage and fuel trip reports need to have:

  • Registrant's name
  • Vehicle fleet number
  • Unit number or VIN
  • Date of trip (start & end)
  • Trip origin and destination
  • Mileage by state/province
  • Total trip miles
  • Routes of travel and/or state line odometer readings
  • Beginning and ending odometer or hub odometer readings

You will never fear an audit when you know that you have held onto all the required records and they have all the required information. Bring it on - will be your thought if you are ever selected as part of that 3%. For more information about IFTA requirements, check out of more of my blogs:

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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Benefits of Filing 4th Quarter IFTA with ExpressIFTA

4th Quarter IFTA ReturnAre you ready to have your 4th Quarter IFTA Return over and done with? I'm telling you, there is a lot going on for the beginning of the new year, and if you get your IFTA return done now it will make life so much better. Waiting until the last minute is never a great option, and if you have a moment, you can even get started right now, and have it done in no time. How can that happen? - you may be asking yourself. There is only one program that can handle the job; does not just offer any ol'benefits to provide you with a great service, they provide every benefit. (Is this blog sounding like an infomercial? Oh well, let's roll with it.) I could go on forever telling you all the benefits, and I most likely will in just a second, but wouldn't you rather watch a video...

I can't hold it in, I have to tell you all the benefits of using First off, there is no sign up costs or monthly fees. Second, all the fuel tax calculations are accurately done for you. All you will have to do is enter your mileage, choose the state, and BAM - calculated.
Third, you can access your ExpressIFTA account from any computer. You're a traveler, so we are too. Fourth, probably the best one, you can input your mileage by uploading an Excel file. So all those miles you need to report for the past 3 months will be easy-peasy. You can still enter them in manually too. Number five, ExpressIFTA will run a diagnostic report to search for any possible errors before you complete the final part of the form. Last, but very not least, ExpressIFTA supports all 48 states that participate in IFTA.

You don't need to search any longer for a more efficient way to generate your 4th Quarter IFTA Return. With ExpressIFTA, all you need to do is enter your mileage and we take care of the rest. If you have any questions about filing your IFTA Return, don't hesistate to give the customer support professionals at ExpressIFTA a call. We are located in Rock Hill, SC and can be reached via phone: 704-234-6005 and email:

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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

4th Quarter IFTA Filing

It's here, the 4th Quarter IFTA Deadline is finally here. After this one, it all starts over exciting! Now, when it comes to filing your 4th Quarter IFTA Return there isn't anything different you need to do. You will file just like you haved filed the previous 3 IFTA returns.

  • The 4th Quarter IFTA is used to report your mileage from October-December, so don't let the fact that it is due in January throw you off.

If you didn't run this last quarter, you will still need to file an IFTA Return. It's super easy, you just file a zero return where you don't claim any mileage. To keep your IFTA license, you have to file every quarter even if you didn't operate.

Here is the important stuff...
To file your IFTA return you will need a few things:

First, you will need your mileage. However you track your mileage, you need to have all your miles from October-December. If you have these miles on a handy Excel spreadsheet, you can easily upload them directly to your ExpressIFTA account. If not, that's alright, entering your mileage is simple and won't take but a few moments.

Second, you will need your fuel receipts. You held on to those right? I knew you would, I have been reminding you to every quarter. Your fuel receipts back up what you report on your IFTA Return, and you will need them if you are ever audited. Remember that IFTA is required to audit 3% of their license holders every year, so it could happen.

Third, you will need When it comes to filing your IFTA, ExpressIFTA is the best option to get it done and back on the road. It's pretty self-explanatory, you enter in the info and hit a few buttons, then have your IFTA Return. But, if you have a question just give our customer support professionals a call. We're located in beautiful Rock Hill, SC and can assist you via phone: 704-234-6005 or email:

When you don't want to file for IFTA on your own anymore....
Have someone else file for you. And not just any 'someone', have Truck Services of North America file your IFTA. They can take care of all your IFTA filing so you stay stress free in 2015 (that last bit almost rhymed ;). And wouldn't you know it, they can handle all your trip permits, authorities, IRP, UCR, fuel/use taxes, and they even provide business start-up packages. For all the hard work you do keeping America moving forward, you deserve your very own processing agent from TSNAmerica to take care of all the paperwork. Give them a call for more information at 803-386-0320.

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